South Coast Repertory Theatre (Costa Mesa, CA)
The Piano Teacher
by Julia Cho
March 11 to April 1, 2007

Julia Cho is a talented playwright who burst onto the scene and caused critics to cheer, writing with what The New York Times called "insight, sensitivity and humor." All that and more sparks her new play about a retired piano teacher called Mrs. K, who is haunted by something that happened long ago. Slowly, the children stopped coming for their lessons. Sometimes, she blames that one disastrous recital, other times, their parents. Finally, Mrs. K is compelled to contact her former students. Their mysterious memories are not at all what she expected.

Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company (San Diego, CA)
The Adoption Project: Triad
written by Kimber Lee,
March 14 to April 1, 2007

with additional research conducted by Seema Sueko and Kathryn Venverloh

Brad and Angelina, Barbara Walters, Monica and Chandler. Stories of adoption abound, from the movie-of-the-week custody battle to celebrity adoptions to the fairytale ending; yet the images we see rarely reflect the true complexity of the adoption experience. The Adoption Project: TRIAD ventures into the emotional labyrinth of adoption to explore diverse perspectives on the intricate dynamic between the individuals involved. Over a period of two years, Mo'olelo artists conducted research and interviews with members of the adoption community, including adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and case workers; which culminated in the creation of the play.

Triad was written by Kimber Lee (Squirrel Wife), with research and additional writing by Seema Sueko (remains, Piece of My Heart), and Kathryn Venverloh (remains).

Co Directed by: Kimber Lee and Seema Sueko

Feature article here.

Review here.

OPM (Los Angeles, CA)
The Best of the Best of OPM
March 31, April 1 2007

One weekend only!

Saturday, March 31: 7 pm & 10 pm
Sunday, April 1: 7 pm

At the East Theatre @ The Complex
6468 Santa Monica Blvd. (b/w Wilcox & Cole)
Hollywood, CA 90038

Featuring Vivian Bang, Ewan Chung, Janina Gavankar, Charles Kim, Eddie Mui, Jae Suh, Dave Wilder, and Nika Williams

Directed by Eddie Mui

Produced by Ewan Chung & Charles Kim

Tickets: $12 ($10 for groups of 6 or more)

To RSVP: (323) 906-8536 or

Valet parking available.

Check their MySpace page...

East West Players in association with
Japanese American National Museum (Los Angeles, CA)
Voices from Okinawa
by John Shirota
April 5, 2007

Free Reading!
Just show up at the door.

Thursday, April 5th, 7:30pm
at the National Center for
the Preservation of Democracy

111 N. Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Kama Hutchins, an American graduate student of one quarter Okinawan descent, teaches English in Okinawa, and receives an unexpected education in Okinawan-American relations.

Kumu Kahua Theatre (Honolulu, HI)
by Alani Apio
March 15 to April 15, 2007

Kamau by Alani Apio was first produced by Kumu Kahua in 1994, Kamau was described by Honolulu Advertiser theatre reviewer Joseph Rozmiarek as "a moving and powerful piece on the nature of personal and cultural compromise." No pat answers are offered in Kamau (which means "to persevere"), as playwright Apio explores the complex interrelationships, moral ambiguities and harsh realities of life in contemporary Hawai‘i.

See News story.

Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company
Men of Steel
March 15 to April 8, 2007

Created by the award winning Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company, MEN OF STEEL follows the journey of five courageous crusaders aspiring for heroism against all odds. Included are tales of staggering suspense and astounding adventure – witness a superhero lose control in the face of personal tragedy; see a dynamic duo attempt to save their nefarious neighborhood from the incredible increase of violent crime; fall in love with a drag queen with a heart of gold but a body of lead; and meet a hero whose quest for meaning mistakenly unleashes enormous evil. These interwoven tantalizing tales combined with Vampire Cowboys’ astonishing action aesthetic re-imagines and explodes the comic book genre onto the live stage.

East West Players (Los Angeles, CA)
I Land
by Keo Woolford
March 21 to April 8, 2007

I LAND, a solo performance written and performed by Keo Wolford; directed by Roberta Uno; hula choreography by Robert Cazimero and hip-hop choreography Rok-A-Fella; and sponsored by the S. Mark Taper Foundation Endowment for East West Players. I LAND expands on the Hawaiian tradition of talk story, combining theater and dance, bringing dramatic narrative, comedy, hula, and hip-hop dance together to tell a unique and compelling story. Inspired by, but departing from autobiography, I LAND was created while Keo was living and commuting between two islands: O`ahu and Manhattan.

See News story.

CIRCA (Chicago,IL)
Open Wound
March 29 to April 8, 2007

See News story.

Desipina Theatre (New York, NY)
Seven.11 Convenience Theatre
March 29 to April 14, 2007


Seven.11 sells out fast! We will be making our official public announcement later this get your ticket today!
Date:March 29 - April 14
Cost:Tickets are $18
Location:The Abrons Arts Center466 Grand Street

Welcome to Seven.11 Convenience Theatre -- where seven, eleven-minute plays all set in a convenience store are weaved together for maximum enjoyment! Turning stereotypes on its head, the store will again open for business for its fifth season this Spring.

This year's line up includes superheroes on a quick snack stop, a Bollywood superstar promoting the latest Slurpee flavor, a historical tour of the quickie-mart from the future, and a wild spin on a classic fairy tale called Bikram Cheekochio: The Musical. Seven.11 Convenience Theatre has been hailed to be better than Ho-Hos and to sell out faster than Big Gulps, so buy your tickets now!

Theatre of the Yugen (SF, CA)
Workshop Performance at University of Texas, Austin
April 7 - 11, 2007

Theatre of Yugen has been invited to kick off UT Austin's Fresh Terrain: a performance theatre festival with one of the plays from The Cycle Plays.

Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
a work-in-progress performance experiment
Featuring Regie Cabico, John Castro, Royd Hatta, Robert Karimi, Traci Kiriyama, Dan Kim, Michelle Myers, Gary San Angel, Anula Shetty, Ryan Suda, F. Omar Telan, Kristina Wong
Conceived and directed by F. Omar Telan.
Monday, April 9, 7 p.m.

Asian Arts Initiative
1315 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia
215-557-0455 for info or reservations

$5 donation requested at the door

All proceeds will support the artists to travel to New York to perform in the first-ever National Asian American Theater Festival, June 11 - 24, 2007:

Part cabaret, part objet d'art, part truth or dare. In a night of all new 5-minute-or-shorter "speed plays" asking and addressing the question of what Asian America wants, a rotating cast from around the country throw their lives onto stage full tilt and take you on a roller coaster ride of comedy, drama, serious reflection, and pure theatrical entertainment.

The Edge of the World is a great big art experiment. We invited a dozen of the decade's most inventive artists and dared them to go beyond the traditional identity piece while creating a show that's grounded in personal experience. No pretense. No characters. No lies.

From the diverse and intersecting worlds of spoken word, comedy, writing and performance we've found unique ways to ponder: Are you what Asian America is looking for? So, what don't you want people to know about you? What meaning do you find in a piece of bread? And, are you going to bother to vote?

Through a process involving chance meetings, telecommunications, and good
old-fashioned time in a room together, the artists in the Edge of the World collaborate for an evening of performance art that will make you laugh, should make you mad, might make you proud, and no matter what will challenge your expectations of Asian American theater.

Silk Road Theatre (Chicago, IL)
Our Enemies: Lively Scenes of Love & Combat
Yussef El Guindi
April 15, 2007

In this explosive new work, award winning playwright, Yussef El Guindi, gives us a darkly humorous, sensual and provocative look at identity, media-representation, love and lust in the Arab-American community. Struggling writer, Gamal, fueled by frustration over the limited Arab voices represented in the US media, engages in a prank campaign to shake up the system. His weapons? A chocolate mousse cake and lipstick. His targets? A popular Arab-American writer and an influential Sheikh. But those in power have a way of turning the tables. When Gamal's lover, Noor, is convinced by a prominent publisher to alter her novel to satisfy Western hunger for "Orientalist" fare, Gamal lashes out at his own community. The results are staggering.

ACT (San Francisco)
After the War
by Philip Kan Gotanda
March 22 to April 22, 2007

Fillmore Street. San Francisco. 1946. A place to call home?

When more than 100,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned by the U.S. government during World War II, San Francisco's bustling Japantown suddenly became an urban ghost town. African Americans from the neighboring Fillmore District, rural whites from the Midwest, and other societal outcasts began to fill the vacant neighborhood. But what happened when the Japanese Americans came back?

In this world premiere commissioned and developed by A.C.T., Philip Kan Gotanda (The Wash, A.C.T.'s Yohen) portrays an unexpected grouping of characters as they struggle to revive a community shattered by the effects of the war. Radiantly hopeful, heart-wrenchingly honest, and deeply infused with the jazz rhythms of the neighborhood, After the War is a powerful valentine to San Francisco—and to the everyday people who built this city with their lives, loves, and stories.

Bindlestiff Studios (San Francisco, CA)
The Visual Theater Show
a.k.a. Progress in Work / Work in Progress
April 12 to 21, 2007

From the depths of the never-resting and ever-changing hearts, minds, and souls of the collective family of artists that make up South of Market's Bindlestiff Studio comes a sharing (or more conveniently called a show) of adventurous beginnings and courageous attempts for a more formalized future theatrical presentation involving unique puppetry characterizations, daring video projections, and never-before-seen stage stylizations!

Simply's a work-in-progress show called Progress in Work / Work in Progress with a bunch of fun, silly theater everyone's favorite epicenter of Filipino American theater, Bindlestiff Studio!

An intrepid and tireless crew of ruddy-blooded adventurers has braved a month-long trek up the steep, arduous mountains of Visual Theater...their guide, a local simpleton versed in the ways of puppetry and theater (tongue in A mood, Teatro Ng Tanaan, ShadowLight Productions, etc.) who is called by local villagers as Ramon Abad...or Ramon, for short.

Long hours (fueled by snacks and fruit drinks) spent in the discovery of various forms of puppetry, costuming and set design has resulted in a unique night dedicated to the lively presentations of their findings...which may involve audience questions and answers afterwards.

Come along and be a part of theater in the making!

Be advised, even though we're using puppets, the content of the evening's sharing may be too confusing for little children!

Thursday-Saturday, April 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21

Doors open @ 7:30pm, show begins at 8pm

General Admission: $8-$15 sliding scale at the door.

Please call (415) 255-0440 to make a reservation or to volunteer.

Bindlestiff Alley, 505 Natoma St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Scripting Aloud (Vancouver, BC)
April 16, 2007

Monday's lineup is three stage scripts, two new, one revised. The venue is Our Town Cafe at 245 East Broadway (@ Kingsway) in Vancouver. Casting begins at 6pm with readings to follow at 6.30.

Announcements follow the breakdowns below, which include VACT's sketch comedy competition, an audition notice for a Josette Jorge-directed play, and a "choose your own players" theatrical performance featuring Cyril Redillas.

"The Quickie" by Grace Chin (revised, Act II, approx 20p) - for stage
2 males (early thirties)
2 females (1 early thirties; 1 late thirties)

"Maybe You'll Get Lucky" by Ian Tang (Act I and Act II, pp 1-36 of 124) - for stage
7 males (4 late twenties; 2 early thirties; 1 late thirties)
2 females (late twenties)

"Armchair Romantic" by Edward Fong - (excerpt, approx. 15 min) monologue for stage
1 male (late twenties - early thirties)

Mu Performing Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
New Eyes Festival
April 19 to 22, 2007

Featuring work from the Jerome New Performance Program

Thursday April 19 @ 7pm
KATIE LEO's play Jess and Sally are Back in Town
directed by Jennifer Weir
featuring Sun Mee Chomet, Katie Bradley, Charity Jones and Mayano Ochi
Jess and Sally are as different as can be, yet know each other as only two sisters can. After years of estrangement, they convene at the home of their mother for her funeral, only to discover that the past never truly dies. Jess and Sally are Back in Town explores the complex, often humorous, relationship between two adopted Korean sisters as they sift through relics of family, heritage, assimilation, choices, and their own strained lives.

Friday April 20 @ 7pm
ED BOK LEE's Jerome work-in-progress "GLOW III"
directed by Randy Reyes
music composed by Schuylar Tsuda
featuring Sun Mee Chomet, Kurt Kwan, Chris Carlson, and Mayano Ochi
At a time when soldiers lessen the effects of post traumatic stress disorder by the practice of first maiming animals, and McDonalds offers a popular Spirit Burger, a shape-shifting cast of Everyday People attempt to navigate their troubled lives through futuristic dysfunction. Ethics, Philosophy, Pop-psychology, Race, Socio-economics and Religion all serve as launching pads into the absurd.

Saturday April 21 @ 3pm
PAUL JUHN'S Jerome work-in-progress Works of Art
featuring Paul Juhn
What happens when art imitates life? Someone else's life. Art Hahn is an actor and, by chance, he takes on his biggest role yet. Follow his journey through the past, the present, and the future of what he thinks it is to be a Korean American. The answers will suprise you.

Sunday April 22 @ 3pm
SUN MEE CHOMET's Jerome work-in-progress "Asiamnesia"
directed by Randy Reyes
featuring Jeany Park, Katie Leo, Rose Le Tran, Katie Bradley, Mayano Ochi and Sun Mee Chomet
ASIAMNESIA is as exploration of what it means to be Asian American women. This piece is evidence of what 6 creative, restless Asian American women do in a room if given time, history books, pens and paper. It is a process using dance, movement, classic storytelling and scene work in complete collaboration as the question is still being asked.

Cost for each show is a suggested donation of $8 at the door.

Mu Performing Arts Studio space
2700 NE Winter Street
Suite 1A
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(Please use directions on our website.)

In addition, excerpts of Sun Mee and Ed's piece will be presented as part of the STILL PRESENT PASTS a multimedia exhibit exploring the legacies of the Korean War at the Loft Literary Center on Saturday, April 21st at 8pm:

Title of STILL PRESENT PASTS Loft event:
"Divided: Contemporary Korean American Theater and Performance"

Location: The Loft Literary Center
Suite 200, Open Book
1011 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Cost: $5 at the door

Featured artists: Ed Bok Lee, Kim Thompson, Karen Lyu and Sun Mee Chomet
Additional performers: Jeany Park, Kurt Kwan, Katie Leo, Rose Le Tran, Katie Bradley and Mayano Ochi

Emcees: Ann Kim and Rich Lee

Because SPP and Mu Performing Arts are cross-marketing the Loft event- New Eyes Passes can be purchased for a suggested donation of $35 that is good for all New Eyes shows plus the SPP Loft event.

Lodestone Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
A staged reading of
Written by Nic Cha Kim
directed by Kipp Shiotani
April 19, 2007

Peter is a poet in a relationship with a wonderful woman.  When scientists at a technology think tank fail to create the first true artificially intelligent life-form, they enlist his help as a last resort.  A scientific slam, Peter’s work results with unexpected consequences as AIMEE 2.1 is re-launched.

There’s only one thing more dangerous than a poet in love: the bastard born of it.

THURS, April 19, 2007


FREE ADMISSION (but donations gladly accepted and encouraged).

NO RSVPS required, however, please arrive at least ten minutes before curtain for seating (which is limited and on a first-come basis).


Trinity College (San Antonio TX)
April 20, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 8pm - LaGuardia Community College , Performing Arts Center

- a multimedia performance piece looking at contemporary inter-culturalism through the historical movement of three Asian Americans from ancestral islands. Set against the historical and racial landscape America , Kaleidoscope offers a glimpse of Asian American history through the prism of American pop culture. Kaleidoscope celebrates the Asian Diaspora using music, puppetry and satire in personal narratives to reveal both the chaos and the calm of multinational Asian American identities.

Baruch College (NY)
True East
by Ranbir Sidhu
Sunday April 22nd, 5pm

This funny and harrowing new play traces the journey of a young Indian-American woman torn between her traditional family values and her modern California background. Thrust into the chaotic, schizophrenic culture that is modern India, she is forced to come to terms with a country she never knew and of a terrible violence inflicted on her because she dared to question tradition. She, and we, come to face a frightening question without an answer in this incredibly relevant and chillingly dramatic work.

Featuring Sarita Choudhury and Manu Narayan.

Engelman Recital Hall, Baruch College
25th Street between Lexington and Third (closer to Lex, on the south side of the street)

Rude Guerilla Theatre Company (Orange County, CA)
A Language of Their Own
by Chay Yew
April 6 to 28, 2007

Chinese-born Oscar contracts AIDS and breaks up with his lover of four years, the American-born Ming. Oscar finds a new relationship with Daniel, a college-age Filipino, while Ming falls in love with Robert, a Caucasian. The four men proceed on a lyrical and dramatic meditation on the nature of love, desire, sexuality, and self-definition as they come together and drift apart in a series of interconnecting scenes. Please note: This production contains nudity and explicit sexual situations and is not for children.

Asian American Theatre Company (San Francisco, CA)
Stop Kiss
by Diana Son
April 12-29, 2007

A hate crime mystery set in Manhattan. Two young New Yorkers - female - share a fatal kiss. When Sara moves to New York City to embark on a new teaching job at an inner-city school, she has no idea that Callie, a 'friend of a friend' would become more than just a 'best friend forever'.

A fast paced play with tender moments mixed with excellent comedic timing. This play will entrance you and won't let go until the final curtain comes down.

Pangea World Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)
From the Ashes
by Meena Natarajan
April 12 to 27, 2007

directed by
Dipankar Mukherjee

Sarah Ahmed, Katie Herron, Annelize Machado, Alberto Panelli, Kiseung Rhee, Katie Vang and Ethan Xiong

What does it mean to be an immigrant?
What does it mean to yearn for a place that you’ve never been to?
How does that change when something catastrophic happens,
when you no longer feel welcome?

Using the immediacy of street theater as the idiom, From the Ashes explores the global question of migration and movement in a multi-lingual, physically charged performance with live music.

Post-performance discussions following Friday and Saturday performances are co-sponsored by Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights

Student matinees are scheduled.
For more information, please contact Pangea World Theater 612.203.1088

Tickets $15/$12 (students and seniors)
Big group discounts are also available

Box Office 612.203.1088

"Threat Condition: YELLOW!"
April 12 to 28, 2007

at the Los Angeles Theater Center
part of the LATC "Construction" Series

3 week limited run

WHERE: Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

WHEN: April 12-28th, Thursday, Fridays 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm

HOW MUCH: $20 General, $15 students/seniors


Note: Entrance at rear of LATC (follow the signs) Enter from the parking lot on the north west corner of 6th and main (entrance to lot on 6th street)

THREAT CONDITION: YELLOW is a selection of our favorite sketches including those NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN LOS ANGELES! See:

  • Those Darn Filipino Farmworkers!
  • Make America Better (M.A.B.) Vs. Make America Brown (M.A.B.)!
  • Yo Yo Ma's cousin...Yo MAMA!

and more!

http://www.18mmw. com
http://www.myspace. com/18mighty mountainwarriors

"the world's most psychotic Asian American comedy troupe"

  • - 2005 Bay Area's Best Comedy Troupe
  • - 2006 International Sketch Comedy Champions
  • - 2006 Invitee Great Sketch Experiment

"...biting, incisive, devastating comedy..."
˜Ossie Davis, actor, Do the Right Thing, Get on the Bus

"...the [18] Mighty Mountain Warriors demonstrate more than a searing, spot-on read of American culture through a particular ethnic lens; they're a first-rate comedic troupe, full of versatility and verve."
˜Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian

The Maids
By Jean Genet
Directed by Alberto Isaac
April 20 to May 5, 2007

With Kerri Higuchi, Elaine Kao and Emily Kuroda

Producer Stefanie Wong Lau
Co-Producer Steve Brady
Set Designer, Costume Designer and Property Master Ken Takemoto
Lighting Designer Isaac Ho
Sound Designer Dennis Yen
Stage Manager Irma Escamilla

Twisted sisters Claire and Solange aspire to reach the ultimate end through a deadly game of master and servant. The line between truth and fantasy blurs as the two conspire to free themselves from the tethers of degradation and servitude. Performance time is 1 hour and 15 minutes with no intermission.

April 20 - May 5, 2007
Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm
(Only one Sunday performance on April 22 at 7 pm)

$15 General Admission
$12 AEA/SAG/AFTRA members
$10 Students with I.D.
Limited seating, reservations recommended by calling (323) 377-3450.

In the historic West Adams District
2627 Van Buren Place; Los Angeles, CA 90007

From the 10 Freeway exit Normandie Ave. and head south.
Turn left on W. 27th St.
Turn left on Van Buren Pl.

Limited street parking, stacked parking available.

Produced by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

GENseng (Geneseo, NY)
Geneseo's Asian American Performance Ensemble presents
The Conversion of Ka'ahumanu
by Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl
Directed by Randy Barbara Kaplan
April 26 to 28, 2007

Black Box Theatre
kaplanr (AT)

Sketch Club at the Media Club
Featuring Assaulted Fish (Vancouver, BC)
With The 30 Cent Players and The Skinny
Sunday, April 29
Show starts at 8pm (doors open 7pm)

The Media Club
695 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

Tickets: $15 at the door or in advance by contacting Keep Your Head Up Procuctions at 778 329 8417

Assaulted Fish returns to Sketch Club at the Media Club. This time we're the featured performers, which means a longer set, which means we had to write more stuff, which means even longtime a-fish-ionados will see something new! And if that isn't enough for you, opening for us are one of Vancouver's most original sketch groups, The Skinny and the pride of Victoria, the 30 Cent Players. Truly an event of comedic proportions!

A Squared Theater Workshop (Chicago, IL)
The Wind Cries Mary
by Philip Kan Gotanda
April 30, 2007

A-Squared Theater Workshop, a collective of Chicago-based Asian American theater artists, presents a staged reading of the play The Wind Cries Mary by Phillip Kan Gotanda, a reworking of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

The Wind Cries Mary explores Ibsen's timeless themes of power and gender politics set against the backdrop of San Francisco's rock scene and the Civil Rights Movement. Philip Kan Gotanda transforms Ibsen's "Hedda" into "Eiko," a Japanese American woman of vast gifts and intelligence burdened by the constraints of gender and tradition in 1968.

Monday, April 30
8 pm
Japanese American Service Committee
4427 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL
$2 donation at the door

Ghuon "Max" Chung directs a cast that includes Jennifer Liu, Marssie Mencotti, Dave Mendes, Marc Rita, Theresa Ro, and Allen Hope Sermonia.

A-Squared Theater Workshop
asquaredtw (AT)

is proud to celebrate its
with a special In The Works staged reading


brand new ten minute plays by
April 30 to May 1, 2007


produced and directed by LLOYD SUH
associate directors MICHAEL LEW and REHANA MIRZA

425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2007

Reservations will be available online at
starting at 12:00 noon on Friday, April 20th.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Second Generation
P.O. Box 231402
New York, NY 10023

Cahoots Theatre Project (Toronto, Canada)
The Five Vengeances
by Jovanni Sy
May 6, 2007

There will be a staged reading of THE FIVE VENGEANCES by Jovanni Sy on Sunday May 6 at 8:00 p.m. at Factory Theatre as part of its CrossCurrents Festiva.

THE FIVE VENGEANCES is a modern adaptation of THE REVENGER’S TRAGEDY told in the style of a 1970s kung fu movie.  It’s Jacobean drama meets Kill Bill.

An earlier workshop of this piece produced by Cahoots Theatre Projects and Humber College featured over thirty fight sequences which were accompanied live with Foley sound effects.

The staged reading at Factory Theatre is the next step towards a fully-realized professional production.

For more information: or (416) 203-9000.

Silk Road Theatre Project (Chicago, IL)
Golden Child
by David Henry Hwang
March 1 to April 22, 2007
extended to May 6!

Silk Road Theatre Project at The Historic Chicago Temple Building
77 W. Washington St., Pierce Hall, Chicago

Dont miss this exquisite play written by the man who brought us M. Butterfly, Tony Award winning playwright David Henry Hwang. Set in China in the early 1900s, the Obie Award winning Golden Child tells the story of Eng Tieng-Bin, a wealthy merchant who returns from abroad filled with Western ideas and Christian beliefs and hopes of liberating China from its superstitious past. But in a polygamous marriage riddled with jealousy and suspicion, what will Engs religious conversion mean for each of his three wives?

Bootleg (Los Angeles, CA)
Proudly Presents a Benefit Performance of...
An Evening with Alec Mapa
May 12, 2007

Come spend an uproarious evening of comedy with America's Gaysian Sweetheart! ALEC MAPA, the GLAAD award winning star of "Desperate Housewives" and LOGO's "Wisecrack!", returns to the LA stage in an all new solo show where he hilariously expounds on his recent marriage, the joys of same sex gift registry, the perils of exotic Filipino Cuisine, and the heartwarming sight of the Bush administration in flames!

AN EVENING WITH ALEC MAPA has played to sold out houses at the Renberg Theater and will be playing at the Bootleg for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Saturday, May 12 @ 8pm To reserve tickets call (213)389-3856

All proceeds to Benefit Steve Roche and Kirk Wilson, celebrating Steve's remission from cancer!!!

Assaulted Fish (Vancouver, BC)
*Vancouver Asian Film Festival Fundraising Event
May 12, 2007

The Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) presents a special evening of comedy featuring a special LIVE performance by local pan-Asian sketch comedy favorites Assaulted Fish along with a special screening of filmmaker Barbara K. Lee’s National Film Board documentary BETWEEN THE LAUGHTER, the inspiring and hilarious story of deaf stand-up comedian Stephen O’Keefe.

VAFF is proud to present the film, which explores O’Keefe’s fierce determination to succeed and to be understood despite being caught between a hearing world and a silent one.

This one-night only event is a fundraiser for the much-anticipated Festival and takes place at Tinseltown Cinemas Saturday May 12th at 7:30pm, tickets are $15 available at the Tinseltown Box Office May 12th or online at

The VAFF Online Hotline is:

Ma-Yi Theatre (NYC, NY)
I Land
Keo Woolford
April 20 to May 13, 2007

Mixed Blood Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)
Messy Utopia
by Janet Allard, Velina Hasu Houston, Naomi Iizuka, Aditi Kapil, and Seema Sueko
April 20 to May 13, 2007

Commissioned by Mixed Blood Theatre
At the Alan Page Auditorium of Mixed Blood's historic firehouse theatre

In a nation with over 5% of the population self-identifying as biracial or multi-racial, have race and identity become moving targets? Can a group of individuals as varied as Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Halle Barry, Ann Curry, Jimmy Smits, Cameron Diaz, Derek Jeter, August Wilson, and Paula Abdul all be lumped into one racial category? The firehouse turns topsy-turvy for this unique five-playwright piece by, for, about, and featuring biracial people. Staged in all corners of Mixed Blood's theatre, this world premiere explodes from the perpetual question asked of people of multiple races: What are you?

May 11 and 12, 2007

Directed by Louise Hung
Written by Wesley Du
Featuring Jared Asato and Chyna Chuu

A roughneck Chinese American man falls in love with an upper class Chinese American woman and is forced to make a decision when he found out her secret.

A reading of a one act play by Annett Lee
Directed by Efrain Schunior

Featuring Kate Bergstrom, Anne Lane, and Colin O'Brien-Lux

A woman comes home and finds it mysteriously redecorated. Is it her imagination,
another dimension, or the stranger on her couch?

Both shows are:
Friday May 11, 2007 at 7:30pm
Saturday, May 12, 2007 at 2:00pm and 7:30pm
1330 Macgowan Hall, UCLA
Parking Lot 3 is recommended

Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
GenerAsian Next Theater
Class Performances
Monday, May 14, 2007
7 p.m.

Free, donations gladly accepted. You’re invited to see these in-class performances of intergenerational artists interpreting the works of playwrights of color. Workshop participants will be showing off what they've learned about improvisation and monologues during the March session, and share the next level through advanced scene study at the May night of sharing.

Lodestone Theatre Ensemble (Los Angeles, CA)Mikado Project poster
The Mikado Project
A World Premiere
written by Doris Baizley & Ken Narasaki
directed by Chil Kong
April 14 to May 20, 2007

A struggling Asian American acting troupe tries to create their own deconstructed politicized version of THE MIKADO, while dealing with grant deadlines, interpersonal problems, sexual/political issues and an ex-lead actor-turned-TV star. Our first mainstage production of a play with music and dance!

Check out the MySpace page!

Mikado Project PR shot

Medea - Night School Theatre

Night School Theatre (NYC, NY)
A New Translation
April 18 to May 20, 2007

Check their website for more info.

Stir Friday Night (Chicago, IL)
Premature Infatuation
April 20 to May 18, 2007
@ 9PM


Steven and Sayjal are two close friends with similar upbringings from the start.
They both grew into their different lives and different matters of the heart

Sayjal, 29 armed with experience
Steven, 23 green and naive,
will share with you a truthful side as their absurd story unweaves.

Sometimes people with experience,
-by the naive need to be taught.
Watch as they both learn from each other...
that they both know diddly squat.

Stir-Friday Night (Chicago, IL)
The Midwest Tour

Hey Midwesterners! Stir-Friday Night! has a few shows coming up that are free and open to the public! Hearty laughs are guaranteed. We'd love to see you there!

STIR-FRIDAY NIGHT! @ University of Chicago
Monday, 4/23/07
9:00pm show
Hutchinson Commons
1135 E. 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
IT'S FREE! Just Show up!

STIR-FRIDAY NIGHT! @ University of Missouri-Columbia
Tuesday, 4/24/07
7pm show
Mark Twain Ballroom in Memorial Union
518 Hitt Street
Columbia, MO 65201

Thursday, 4/26/07
7pm show
Lecture Hall 101
Corner of University & Vermont
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Friday, 5/11/07
7pm show
Origins of Now Performance Series
Japanese American Service Committee
4427 N. Clark Street, Chicago

STIR-FRIDAYNIGHT! @ DePaul University
Friday, 5/18/07
6pm show
Student Union Atrium
2250 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60614

stirfridaynight (AT)

Repertory Actors Theatre (Seattle, WA)
You Can't Take It With You
by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart
April 27 to May 20, 2007

ReAct is delighted to open its fourteenth mainstage season with this beloved American comedy classic by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. Exploding fireworks, Russian royalty, drunk actresses, and young lovers from two very different families come together in this heartwarming story about love and living life to the fullest. Forget your troubles and come enjoy this Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, featuring ReAct's unique casting.

Kirkland Performance Center (Kirkland, WA)
N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk
May 9 to 19, 2007

This clever, nimble, three-man show had KPC patrons raving last year, so we just had to bring Miles, Allen and Rafael back for an extended run and even more in-school residencies. Ranging from outrageous comedy based on society’s worst stereotypes to tragic monologues of disarming honesty about doing personal battle with those stereotypes, the performance is a wonder: Social Theatre that is “laugh your a** off” funny. The co-writers/stars use their skillful theatricality to create engaging, energetic performances and smack the titular racial slurs into submission.
Be advised that this show does contain mature language

Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
GenerAsian Next Theater
Class Performances
Monday, May 14, 2007
7 p.m.

Free, donations gladly accepted. You’re invited to see these in-class performances of intergenerational artists interpreting the works of playwrights of color. Workshop participants will be showing off what they've learned about improvisation and monologues during the March session, and share the next level through advanced scene study at the May night of sharing.

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (Vancouver, BC)
etchsketchSKETCHOFF!#$%!! - etch-your-sketch!
8th Annual Asian Comedy Night
May 18 & 19, 2007

With group names such as SLANT EYED PEAS, LICK THE WAX TADPOLE, SFUU MAN CHU, THE YANGTZERS, BANANADRAMA, and DISORIENTAL, six groups of Asian Canadian performers and writers officially formed this week in response to an open invitation from Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT) to gather, perform and compete at its 8th annual Asian Comedy Night, titled: SKETCHOFF!#$%!! Etch-YOUR-Sketch at the Roundhouse on May 18 and 19.

All groups have 2 weeks to write and rehearse at least 2 sketches, one of which must incorporate a creative element provided by VACT that each team will choose at random. Through this 2-week process, groups will have access to comedy consultants to help during this tight timeframe. On May 18, each group will be given a 6-10 minute set to perform their sketches in front of a live audience, where a panel of celebrity judges will select the top 3 groups. On May 19, the audience will be the judges.

SKETCHOFF!#$%!! has been a sold-out event every year and the annual show has provided a rare showcase for various Asian stand-up comedians and sketch groups from all over Canada and the US. As a developer of new talent, VACT had previously incubated such successful local Asian-Canadian sketch comedy troupes as HOT SAUCE POSSE and ASSAULTED FISH.

For more information please visit

Pork Filled Players (Seattle, WA)
International Community Health Services
Annual Dinner
May 19, 2007

Pangea World Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)
Pangea Benefit
May 20, 2007

Pangea's BENEFIT 2007: May 20th
Our Annual Benefit will take place at The Depot once again!

Expect Surprises!
Amazing auctions!

Sunday, May 20, 2007
5:30 p.m.
The Depot, Minneapolis,

3rd Mondays
A reading of
The Palace
by Bobby Zaman
Monday, May 21, 2007

Synopsis: Once a thriving establishment The Palace Restaurant is on the brink of extinction. Stalked by real estate developers and suffering from lack of traffic it is held together by the presence of its proprietor and the loyalty of a few regulars. We get a glimpse of one day in the life of the people whose fates play out within the walls of The Palace. Hopes, dreams, aspirations, love, friendship, and the ever enticing gaze at a future full of possibilities - and the trials of assimilation of immigrants believing with heart and soul in the promise of America.

Kristina Wong

For more info:

A 45 minute excerpt of the show.
Monday, May 7, 2007, 8:30 p.m.
Porter Dining Hall
Presented by Rainbow Theater and the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

LOS ANGELES (the FULL show LA premiere!!!)
Yes! After months of dangling the carrot, the show has its homecoming in Los Angeles! There’s only two shows and 122 seats total. So make reservations now! Not sure when it’s coming back to LA in full! This show is directed by Nurit Siegel.

May 18-19, 2007
Friday and Saturday 8pm
2100 Square Feet Theater
5615 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Tickets: $20
Group Tickets (10 or more) $15
Reservations: 310-998-8765
Presented as part of TeAdaWorks 2007

Kristina performs Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest four times (!) at First National Asian American Theater Festival in New York City!

June 16, 17, and 18
Kirk Theater on Theater Row in Manhattan, 42nd St.
Saturday, June 16 at 8pm
Sunday, June 17 at 3pm and 7pm
Monday, June 18 at 7pm
Tickets are $20
Buy tickets now!

Incisive writer and performer Kristina Wong mixes sharp humor and psychology in Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, a semi-autobiographical, serio-comic portrayal of anxiety, depression and incidence of mental illness among Asian American women. Tangling, spinning, and mixing yarns, she asks: Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The suicides of Asian American women or the maddening world? Wong's irreverent and provocative work has given her a national cult following for "politically charged art with unapologetic humor. "

Knitters-- cuckoo and not-are invited to knit in the audience during the shows.

Wong Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest is a National Performance Network Creation Fund Project commissioned by Asian Arts Initiative and La Peña Cultural Center. Funding for Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest has also been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Ford Foundation, and La Peña's New Works Fund supported by The James Irvine Foundation. Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is also a Project of Creative Capital.

TEADA (Los Angeles, CA)
May 18 to 27, 2007

Moving forward in its dedication to new play development, the 2007 TEADAWORKS New Performance Festival presents a staged reading, a workshop performance, and a finished production. The festival series features local artists Kristina Wong, Leilani Chan, Ova Saopeng, and Peter Harris in their latest work, serving up multi-cultural performance and pushing the boundaries of performance art and theatre.

Written and performed by Kristina Wong
Directed by Nurit Siegel

May 18-19, 2007 -- 8pm
@2100 Square Feet
5615 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
For reservations call (310) 998-8765 or e-mail marie (AT)

Written by Peter J. Harris
Directed by Tamara M. Sibley
May 19, 2007--5pm
@2100 Square Feet
5615 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
For reservations call (310) 998-8765 or e-mail marie (AT)

TeAda's 1st National Community-Based Theater Project…
Written and performed by Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng
Directed by Brian Brophy
Based on the stories of Laotian Refugees and their descendants
Directed by Brian Brophy
@ Highways Performance Space - 2pm
1651 18th St, Santa Monica CA, 90404
For reservations call 310-315-1459 or go to

Asiansploitation (Toronto, CA)
Tofu TV
May 24 to 26, 2007

Asiansploitation, Toronto's Premiere All-Asian Comedy Troupe, is back with its new full length comedy revue TOFU TV directed by the Canadian Comedy Award nominated Jane Luk. Come see the troupe that brought you last spring's sold out debut show Be Pacific and this past January's Now Magazine Critic's Pick show Asian Tuna Roll.

Get your Asian Heritage Month laughs with this hilarious take on the world of television from an Asian perspective. Featuring sketches, songs, and
stand-up, this new show will leave you jiggling with laughter like a block of tofu.
Performing at the Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto's fast rising Home of Comedy,
Asiansploitation is proud to be an official Asian Heritage Month event. Playing
for 3 nights only! Reserve your tickets today.
WHAT:    Asiansploitation Presents "TOFU TV"
DATE:    May 24th to 26th 2007 (Thu to Sat)
TIME:     7:30 PM (Doors Open 7:00 PM)
WHERE:     Bad Dog Theatre, 138 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON
COST:     $10.00 Reserve your tickets at asiansploitation (AT)

Bindlestiff Studios (San Francisco, CA)
Pagbabalik (return)
a Multidisciplinary Theatre Production
written by Aimee Suzara
May 24 to 26, 2007

directed by Alex Torres
directional consultant Ellen Sebastian Chang*

Work-in-Progress with Post-Show Discussion:
May 24, 25 & 26, 8pm ($10-$15)
Bindlestiff Studio, 505 Natoma Street, San Francisco

A multidisciplinary theatre work fusing spoken word & theatre, Filipino & modern dance, and live indigenous Filipino & contemporary music for an unforgettable journey through history, language & memory.

Choreography and dance:
Frances Sedayao, Lisa Juachon, Aimee Suzara
Acting and choreography:
Aimee Espiritu, Rose Almario, Jose Saenz, Aimee Suzara
Music and composition:
Jen Soriano, Juan Calaf, Ron Quesada
Sound design: Ron Quesada

Only 2 WEEKS until the Works-in-Progress! Only 5 WEEKS until the World Premiere of the Full Show!

"Pagbabalik searches beneath the veneer of identity to expose the hidden pains and passions of a past embedded not only in name and family, but the skin, the terrain. It follows a Filipina daughter's return to the land of her heritage and to the ghosts that inhabit her legacy." ˆ Elmaz Abinader, award-winning author and playwright, "Country of Origin"

AZN Awards


Outstanding actor

  • Naveen Andrews, Lost
  • Daniel Dae Kim, Lost
  • Masi Oka, Heroes
  • B.D. Wong, Law & Order: SVU

Outstanding actress

  • Kelly Hu, In Case of Emergency
  • Yunjin Kim, Lost
  • Parminder Nagra, ER
  • Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy

Outstanding supporting actor

  • James Kyson Lee, Heroes
  • Rex Lee, Entourage
  • Will Yun Lee, Thief
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy, Heroes

Oustanding supporting actress

  • Keiko Agena, Gilmore Girls
  • Michaela Conlin, Bones
  • Mandy Kaling, The Office
  • Grace Park, Battlestar Galactica
  • Lauren Tom, Men in Trees

A-Squared Theatre Workshop (Chicago, IL)
Chickencoop Chinaman
by Frank Chin
May 30, 2007

A-Squared Theatre Workshop hosts a reading of landmark play, Chickencoop Chinaman, by Frank Chin. The staged reading will be held at the Chinatown Chicago Public Library located at 2353 S. Wentworth Avenue in Chicago's historic Chinatown. Event begins at 7:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Admission is free.

First produced in New York in 1972, Chickencoop Chinaman was the first play by an Asian-American author to be produced in New York. It's edgy, irreverent, and sometimes confrontational look at the Asian-America male would later inform playwrights such as Phil Gotanda and David Henry Hwang. Thirty-five years later, Chin's play is still relevant in terms of its perspective of America's view of Asians in America.

W Productions (Los Angeles, CA)
The Best Man
by Weiko Lin
May 9 to June 3, 2007 

PREVIEWS: May 9 - May 11,  2007

OPENING NIGHT GALA: Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wednesday-Saturday at 8PM
Sunday Matinee at 2PM

CATHY SHIM (Reno 911!, Mad TV), LEONARD WU (Veronica Mars, While She Was Out), LISA FAIMAN, and WEIKO LIN.

Directed by KEVIN LAU

Produced by LISA WOON

Mitchell spends the evening before his wedding at a hotel suite with his older brother and best man, Danny, a DJ burnout who makes his money pimping out his young, naive girlfriend, Misty. Mitchell is marrying Julia, who is also Danny's ex-wife. When the women arrive, the drinks flow and the charade begins. Beneath its high-stakes surface and temptation, a dark vengeful secret explodes as the night unfolds.

East West Players'
120 North Judge John Aiso Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Venue Info: (213) 625-7000


Special Group Rates: (310) 824-5316

General: $25   
Advanced online:  $21
Students/WGA/SAG: $17

a W Productions presentation

General questions? Please email info (AT)

YAWP! = Young Asians With Power! (Chicago, IL)
June 3, 2007
4:00 to 6:30 PM

@ bLENd
(upper level)
1725 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622

featuring local poets, writers, musicians & performers from YAWP! and the broader Asian American Pacific Islander community

$10 sliding scale donation
$5 for students w/i.d.
*Nobody will be turned away at the door

*Bring cash and/or checks for our silent auction: LOTS OF GOODIES TO BID ON including artwork, paintings, cooking lessons & dance lessons, ipod shuffle, travel trinkets, books, baskets of apia goodies, haikus for $1 and much much more!!!!

Featured performances include:
Sarwat Rumi & Imi Rashid w/Nikhil Trevedi
Cynthia Lin
Sharmili Majmudar
Jon Reinert and Alan Rodriguez
Johnny Yoeun & Youth from the Multi-Cultural Youth Project
Members of Mango Tribe

*PROCEEDS help fund YAWP!'s Summer 2007 Performance & Writing Workshop Series*

For more event details contact Melissa Woo at MelissaAW3 (AT)

Botanicum Seedlings: A Development Series for Playwrights
The Eyes of Bone
Written by Velina Hasu Houston
Directed by Ann-Giselle Spiegler
Sunday, June 3, 2007 at 11 am

With Paula Weston Solano, Claudia Choi, Melissa Camillo, Mark Lewis, Dian Kobayashi
Stage Directions, Peter Jones

A single defining moment sets an extraordinary woman on an unexpected search for true vision. This mystical new work focuses on a gifted surgeon who is forced to confront her identity as a healer.

Admission is FREE • Enjoy Refreshments,
Share your Thoughts & Ideas with the Artists
Info: (310) 455-3723 •

(The theatre is outdoors; in case of inclement weather, please call for alternate performance times)

Jennie Webb, Playwrights' Development Director
Megan Goodchild, Seedlings Literary Producer

Botanicum Seedlings: A Development Series for Playwrights

Jukebox Stories
written and performed by
Prince Gomolvilas and Brandon Patton

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
2580 Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90068
Price: TBA

Sunday, June 10th, 2007
2580 Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90068
Price: TBA

Daredevi Blues

Local actor Jason Kanda performs in Daredevil Blues by Eric Yokomori, the darkly comic one-man show comprised of a dozen monologues. This Kumu Kahua Theatre Dark Night production runs from May 27 through June 5. Call 536-4441 for ticket information.

Photo by Rolinda Emch

Kumu Kahua Theatre (Honolulu, HI)
Daredevil Blues
by Eric Yokomori
May 27 to June 5, 2007

This Kumu Kahua Dark Night Production opens May 27th, at our downtown Honolulu theatre, 46 Merchant Street, and runs May 27, 28 and 29, and June 3, 4 and 5.

Daredevil Blues is a darkly comic one-man show comprised of a dozen monologues, each approximately five minutes long.  Playwright Yokomori presents a series of male characters that gradually reveal truths about themselves and their lives.  An elderly man in a rest home begins calmly discussing the vagaries of old age and the quality of the food in a rest home, but winds up on a different note.  Another man who claims he never lies to his son struggles to explain to him "where his mommy went."  A magician on stage turns suicidal when he learns that his favorite rabbit is dead.  Strange personalities, twisted logic and delusional behavior inhabit these powerful monologues.

Jason Kanda will reprise his tour de force performance of 2004.  Mr. Kanda trained at the Interlochen Center for the Arts and Whitman College, where he earned his BA in Theatre.  In 2004-05 he was a member of HTY’s professional acting company and has also acted in plays for the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival and directed plays for Kumu Kahua and The ARTS at Marks Garage.  Local director Rico will direct the production. 

            Although Kumu Kahua Theatre is producing this production, our Dark Night Series also creates an opportunity for other theatre groups, playwrights, and performance artists to offer their work to the community.  This series is presented during the evenings when Kumu Kahua’s regular season shows are not being performed.  Kumu Kahua see this as another way to enhance and enrich the cultural diversity and artistic climate of Honolulu.

Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
Friday, June 8 to Sunday, June 10, 2007

3 Nights of Philadelphia Previews of
Asian American artists taking their work to the
National Asian American Theater Festival

Friday, June 8, 7 p.m.
Robert Karimi & John Castro in
Cooking Con Karimi Con Castro

Saturday, June 9, 7 p.m.
Hanalei Ramos in
Guns and Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know

Sunday, June 10, 6 p.m.
F. Omar Telan and a cast from around the country in
Edge of the World

All performances will be in Philadelphia at the Asian Arts Initiative
(wherever we are located at that time) or 215-557-0455 for more info or reservations

All proceeds will support the artists to perform in the National Asian American Theater Festival in New York City (

Cooking Con Karimi Con Castro
A live cooking show for your heart, mind, stomach & funny bone
Robert Karimi & John Castro
Friday, June 8, 7 p.m.

Using recipes as points of departure to talk about cultural collisions and complex political events occurring around the world, Cooking Con Karimi Con Castro is a humorous, audience interactive, LIVE cooking show that challenges conventional notions of how we approach food, culture, and politics. AND? After the show the audience is invited to eat a free meal that's been prepared live by chefs Mero Cocinero Karimi and Comrade Cocinero Castro!

Mero Cocinero Karimi, progressive chef/poet/public access host/community activist dreams of defeating the right wing monarchy with revolutionary recipes that fill the soul and build community. Mero Cocinero wants the people to eat nutritiously, so that we can be healthy participants in our government, our families and our communities. He is joined by leftist right hand man in the kitchen, Comrade Cocinero Castro, on their War-Causes-Indigestion Tour. Both Mero and his Comrade will cook up revolutionary recipes in their quest to spread culinary consciousness and create social change one kitchen at a time.

Cooking Con Karimi Con Castro is a National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund Project commissioned by Pangaea World Theater and the Asian Arts Initiative.

* * * * *
Guns and Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know

Hanalei Ramos
Saturday, June 9, 7 p.m.

Guns and Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know is the first full-length show by spoken word artist and writer Hanalei Ramos. Inspired by her own experiences and interviews with multiple women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence, Guns and Tampons challenges our working definition of womanhood and examines how we are warped by cultural expectations, societal conditioning, and other subtle forms of violence. Hanalei stages portraits of some of the most intimate moments and difficult choices that women face. Ultimately, the patchwork testimony of several individuals becomes the story of all women, and a compelling glimpse into a world of survival and strength.

Hanalei Ramos is co-founder of the 101Project artists collective. She has toured around the nation to various college and university campuses as a spoken word artist, and has also been seen as a performer and panelist at Girlfest Honolulu, NAASCON, ECAASU, and the March for Women's Lives. In the last two years, she has been working heavily with various women's organizations in the Jersey City/New York City area. Most recently, she has authored Letters to Martha, a personal testimony to her first-hand experience with domestic violence and Foiled Stars, a collection of poems and prosetry. Hanalei lives in her native Jersey City, NJ.

* * * * *

a work-in-progress performance experiment

Sunday, June 10, 6 p.m.

Featuring Regie Cabico, John Castro, Royd Hatta, Robert Karimi, Traci Kiriyama, Dan Kim, Michelle Myers, Gary San Angel, Anula Shetty, Ryan Suda, F. Omar Telan, Kristina Wong. Conceived and directed by F. Omar Telan. Co-produced by Gayle Isa.

Part cabaret, part object d'art, part truth or dare. In a night of all new 5-minute-or-shorter "speed plays" asking and addressing the question of what Asian America wants, a rotating cast from around the country throw their lives onto stage full tilt and take you on a roller coaster ride of comedy, drama, serious reflection, and pure theatrical entertainment.

The Edge of the World is a great big art experiment. We invited a dozen of the decade's most inventive artists and dared them to go beyond the traditional identity piece while creating a show that's grounded in personal experience. From the diverse and intersecting worlds of spoken word, comedy, writing and performance we've found unique ways to ponder: Are you what Asian America is looking for? So, what don't you want people to know about you? What meaning do you find in a piece of bread? And, are you going to bother to vote?

Join the artists in the Edge of the World collaborate for an evening of performance art that will make you laugh, should make you mad, might make you proud, and no matter what will challenge your expectations of Asian American theater.

These performances have been funded in part by National Performance Network Creation Fund and Community Fund Projects.

Opening Rhythmix World Music Series (Bay Area, CA)
Mark Izu Quartet
Special Guest
Brenda Wong Aoki
Friday, June 8, 2007

8 pm
$15 in advance $17 at the door
Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA
Tickets 510.845.5060

Come as a quartet (4 people) and get
a complimentary Last Dance CD!

A Brand-New Ensemble
A Brand-New Performance Space
The Original Compositions Of Mark Izu Featuring composer Mark Izu on double bass, sho & sheng, premiere saxophonist Richard Howell, koto extraordinaire Shoko Hikage, and the thunder drums of Janet Koike, with special guest performance artist Brenda Wong Aoki.

The evening includes:
Amaterasu - inspired by the Japanese legend of the Sun Goddess
The Journey of Miao Shan - – a tone poem about a simple girl transformed into Kuan-yin, the Goddess of Compassion
Threading Time - the song of the past, present and future
To Fa Lia – a true story by Brenda Wong Aoki from her Samoan side
“Mark Izu’s music is a great gift to the jazz tradition, to its ongoing transformation and revitalization into energetic and unpredictable new directions” -Downbeat Magazine "I.Q. (the Izu Quartet) is the culmination of my musical journey, tying together past, present and future with each musician contributing to our merry band of sojourners. Like the volcanic ring of the Pacific Rim, with its boundaries shifting, converging and transforming, the music is an amalgam of the East and West.” -Mark Izu

Minneapolis Mosaic: A Festival of Arts Celebrating Cultural Diversity
Sun Mee, You American Girl
Sun Mee Chomet
June 8, 2007

Mu Performing Arts invites you to an exciting one person performance by our own Sun Mee Chomet in SUN MEE, YOU AMERICAN GIRL at the Hennepin Stages. This performance is part of the Minneapolis Mosaic: A Festival of Arts Celebrating Cultural Diversity opening ceremonies. Many Worlds. One Night.

Sun Mee will be one of many performers on this great night, ranging from Hmong butterfly dancers and Latin salsa to African drummers and Mariachi. Sun Mee is slotted to perform at 8pm.

East West Players (Los Angeles, CA)
Nine Plays, Nine Lives
June 6 to 12, 2007

New Works from the David Henry Hwang Writers Institute at EAST WEST PLAYERS AT THE David Henry Hwang Theater 120 JUDGE JOHN AISO ST., LOS ANGELES CA 90012

$5 Suggested Donation

The David Henry Hwang Writers Institute is supported in part by the James Irvine Foundation.


by Christine Huynh
Rhonda has turned her two small children into a little maid and butler. She thinks she's doing a great thing for them. Is having small children cooking all the meals and retiling the roof child labor, or just a really good idea?

by Gary Kuwahara
The power of love language the internet technology lust greed porn stupid people blame.


by Skye Kang
One man. Three women. The possibilities (and complications) are limitless.

by Wesley Du
Two high school classmates, one Asian and one Black, reunite after ten years and begin a relationship where each one will have to sacrifice in order to maintain their affair.

SUNDAY, JUNE 10 @ 3:00PM

by Sara Truitt and Arava Talve
Is remembering freeing or does it have the capacity to destroy lives? This is the issue that confronts both Devorah, who is in jail for killing her daughter's swim coach, and Dr. Jael, a young Iranian court appointed psychiatrist. Hidden Waters was inspired by the biblical story of Devorah the Judge.

SUNDAY, JUNE 10 @ 5:00PM

by Nic Cha Kim
When the lead actress drops out before the final scene is shot, two filmmakers go "on the road" in search of a new ending. When the world starts to collapse all around them, they find shelter in a country bumpkin, pastor, magician, and a runaway. Do they find their ending? Yah, well, sort of... if you can call it that.

MONDAY, JUNE 11 @ 7:30PM

SATO’S DREAM IN BLUE by David Hideo Maruyama
What is the American Dream? A Nisei guitar maker tries to figure it out with the help of a Black blues player in the 1950s; a biker, a bartender and illegal Mexican worker try to figure it out in the Reagan 1980s, and the blues player in old age reexamines Sato's Dream in the 2000s with a Thai guitar playing apprentice. Is America the place to be?


A play about the life of noted Nisei civil rights activist and community leader Yuri Kochiyama, and her friendship with Malcolm X.

written and performed by Edward Gunawan
Boy or Girl? Nature or Nurture? Monster or Barbie? In a dra-medic one person show chronicling his visit back home to attend his cousin’s wedding, Edward journeys in time, across three countries where h e was born and raised, to confront and re-define his own identity as a gay man.

Room to Improv (Southern CA)

Room to Improv

Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (NYC, NY)Tea
by Velina Houston
May 20 to June 17, 2007

As part of the first National Asian American Theatre Festival and to celebrate Pan Asian's 30th Anniversary Season, Pan Asian presents the classic, Tea, by Velina Houston.

Set in Kansas in 1968, four Japanese war brides gather to remember their friend Himiko, who killed herself before the play begins.  Himiko's Japanese Buddhist friends gather in her old home to have tea, clean her house, and discuss her life.

See News story.

Yangtze Repertory Theatre (NYC, NY)
Love in Tears & Laughter
May 31 to June 17, 2007

Love In Tears & Laughter

Tickets at

Info at

See News story.

KPROductions (Seattle, WA)
Breathing Space
June 8 to 16, 2007


June 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, Fridays & Saturdays. UW Ethnic Cultural Theatre

Second Generation (NYC, NY)
Made in Taiwan
Created and Performed by Michelle Krusiec
June 14 to 16, 2007

Made in TaiwanExpect a fully charged roller coaster ride from laughter to the bittersweet!

Made in Taiwan is a dark comedy written and performed by Saving Face's Michelle Krusiec (Sweet Home Alabama, upcoming Far North). Sex, biting and noodles come together in this coming-of-age tale of a young Asian American daughter with an Old World mother obsessed with her husband's adultery.

Thursday, June 14, 2007 - Opening Night with Reception - Meet the Artist Michelle Krusiec - Tickets $50
Friday, June 15, 2007 - 8:00 pm Evening - Tickets $35
Saturday, June 16, 2007 - 2:00 pm Matinee, 8:00 pm Evening - Tickets $35

Limited run only! Get your tickets now!

The East 13th Street Theatre
136 East 13th Street
(between 3rd & 4th Ave)
New York, NY 10003

Pagbabalik (Return)
A Multidisciplinary Theatre Production
Berkeley, CA
Written by Aimee Suzara * Directed by Alex Torres
June 14 to 16, 2007

World Premiere of Full Production:
June 14, Preview Night, 7:30pm (pay what you can)
June 15 & 16, 8pm, $10 advance, $15 at the door
La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
Advance tickets available at and (510) 849-2568 x20

FOR MORE INFO: Visit or email

Berkeley, CA. On June 14, two days after Philippine "Independence" Day, "Pagbabalik" ("Return" in Tagalog, a Filipino language) premieres at the historic La Peña Cultural Center, examining ideas of home, history and identity from a Filipino-American perspective. Written by poet Aimee Suzara, the multidisciplinary production seamlessly blends spoken-word theatre with choreography drawn from indigenous and modern dance, to the score of Filipino and contemporary music.

"Pagbabalik" follows central character Diwata (played by Suzara), a young Filipina-American exploring her origins in the Philippines. Aided by a simple tape recorder, Diwata journeys into a history charged with magic and painful memories of war and conquest.

Suzara draws from her own experience of returning to the Philippines. "In researching my own story as the daughter of Filipino immigrants to America, I found myself creating Diwata and the other characters in the play." says Suzara. "Diwata" literally translates to "spirit." Adds Suzara, "I think that anyone familiar with the immigrant experience can relate to Diwata - to her sense of displacement from physical and emotional origins and her hunger for belonging to a geography, to a culture, to an identity. We all strive to fit in to a place, to a people."

"Pagbabalik" features the talents of key members of the Filipino-American and Bay Area arts community. The distinctive cast of choreographers, dancers, and actors includes Frances Sedayao of the Purple Moon Dance Project and Alvin Ailey Dance School; Lisa Juachon of the Alleluia Panis Dance Theatre; Jose "Flipchild" Saenz, of the film "Flipside;" and Aimee Espiritu, member of the collective Kreatibo. Alex Torres of Bindlestiff Studios directs and Ellen Sebastian Chang of Theatre Bay Area provides directorial support.

Movement and dialogue are punctuated by a lushly textured, live score of traditional Philippine kulintang (bossed gong ensemble) and innovative folk-rock. The music was developed by a trio of Bay Area talents: Ronald Quesada, ethnomusicologist and member of the Palabuniyang Kulintang Ensemble, on kulintang and guitar; musician Juan Calaf on drums and percussion, and Jennifer Soriano (formerly of Diskarte Namin), on vocals and bass.

Begun as a 1-woman-show in 2005 and then developed into a Work-in-Progress shown at La Peña Cultural Center in October 2006, "Pagbabalik" was an acclaimed presence at the 2006 CounterPULSE STREAM/fest: Emerging Performance Festival and Kearny Street Workshop's APAture 2006. With fiscal sponsorship from La Peña Cultural Center, the production has received grants from the Zellerbach Family Foundation to support the Work-in-Progress.

The interwoven themes of homeland, genealogy, and migration speak with urgency to both younger and older generations. As one audience member expressed, "This show is what Fil-Ams need to begin to dialogue about our experiences as visitors in our homeland and the similarities other immigrants in the U.S. share."

The production highlights Philippine Independence Day, on June 12. Although Spanish colonial rule is comparatively well-known, the complex relationship between the US and the Philippines is absent from most history textbooks. On June 12, 1898, Filipinos revolutionary forces declared sovereignty and independence from four centuries of Spanish colonial rule. Yet this declaration was unrecognized by the United States and by Spain, who ceded the Philippines under the Treaty of Paris. The years were followed by the bloody Philippine American war, in which over 500,000 Filipinos were killed.

Lizard Theatre (Alhambra, CA)
My Own Story
by Alexander Luu
June 15 to 17, 2007

-What does a Chinese/Vietnamese boy wearing a chicken suit and singing French songs have to do with the Iraq War?
-Should we forever ban the use of the word "MINORITY?"
-What are the demons and angels of a former Asian drag queen?

These and other explosive questions will be answered (sort of) as critically acclaimed solo
performer/writer Alex Luu returns to LA with a new MY OWN STORY performance.

Featuring the latest fresh batch of LA's new faces of autobiographical performers--
Lizvet Corral, Peter Spencer Ha, Gloria Wong and veteran Luu himself, MY OWN STORY blends performance art, movement, stories, and monologue in a raw and kinetic experience that promises to be powerful, hilarious, poignant, and unforgettable. Join us for three evenings of tales from the HEART. Join us for MY OWN STORY.

WHERE: Lizard Theater, 230 W. Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801
WHEN: June 15, 16, 17
Friday & Saturday, 8pm; Sunday, 6pm
ADMISSION: $5 (cash only)
*Limited seatings, RSVP REQUIRED
RSVP: (626) 457-8237 or (626) 236-8334

Theatre Off Jackson (Seattle, W)
Stuck Elevator: The Super-Heroic Stationary Journey of Ming Kuang Chen
by Byron Au Yong and Aaron Jafferis
June 18 and 19, 2007

See News story.

Teacher, Teacher gifKumu Kahua Theatre (Honolulu, HI)
Teacher, Teacher
by Anthony Michael Oliver
May 17 to June 17, 2007

Anthony Michael Oliver in his play Teacher, Teacher, introduces us to Sharon Kido, an unmarried forty-year-old college English teacher, offers to school one of her students, Gavin, in how to speak, dress and even walk like a proper gentleman. When the local-style Pygmalion process begins, the teacher-student relationship is maintained. But, as the weeks go by, the situation changes...

PR photo for Teacher, Teacher

Playwright Anthony Michael Oliver (center) being inundated by the cast of Teacher, Teacher, Kumu Kahua Theatre’s production of his local turn on the story of Pygmalion,. The show runs from May 17 through June 17. Call 536-4441 for ticket information. Photo by Brad Goda

See News story.

June 21, 2007

Not open for general consumption, but of interest anyway...

WGAW Multipurpose Room
Los Angeles, CA 90048

In collaboration with DGA Asian American Committee and AFTRA, the WGAW Asian American Writers Committee will host a staged reading of nine Asian or Asian American themed scenes from unproduced screenplays or teleplays or produced/unproduced stage plays. Scenes will be directed by DGA members. RSVP Required.

Five minute scenes from the following writers' unproduced screenplays will be featured:

Isaac Ho, Karen Huie, Ellwyn Kauffman, Aurorae Khoo, Weiko Lin, Diana "DC" Mar, Jennifer Rebecca Richmond, Jean Shim-Min & Martina Nagel and Kris Young.

Intersection For The Arts & Resident Company Campo Santo (San Francisco, CA)
present the World Premiere of a New Play
Fe in the Desert
By Jessica Hagedorn
May 31 to June 25, 2007

Author of Dogeaters, Dream Jungle, Gangster of Love, and more
Directed by Danny Scheie

Intersection and Resident Theatre Company Campo Santo are pleased to be working once again with renowned novelist, poet, multimedia performance artist and playwright Jessica Hagedorn to present the world premiere of Fe in the Desert. This new play focuses around Fe, a complicated woman, and takes place in the isolated American desert inside the dramatic commotion of her broken marriage and a home invasion and burglary. The characters who populate Fe in the Desert contend with eachother's hidden fears, lost desires, and broken dreams over the course of a wild and dark night. Spiraling back in time, each character's memories take us to places far and wide - from Hollywood to the American desert to the penitentiary. In her true hybrid style, Hagedorn morphs Filipino melodrama with full fledged musicality, contemporary poetry, and intense personal struggle.

Featuring: Margo Hall, Robert Hampton, Sara Hernandez, Michael Torres, Jonsen Vitug & Danny Wolohan Collaborative Team: Raùl Aktanov, Sharif Abu Hamdeh, Emily Auble, Melissa Balok, Kristoffer Barrera, Stephanie Buchner, Vigne!  tte Ching, Safiya Delaney, Lisa Dent, Calvin LL Jones, Timothy Jordan, Barbara Jwanouskos, Melyssa Jo Kelly, Melody Parker and Chelsea Pegram

Visit for info.

SIS Productions (Seattle, WA)
Sex in Seattle: Episode 14
To Choose or Not To Choose
June 1 to 23, 2007

Seattle's longest running serial drama continues with a new episode!

SIS Productions offers another brand new episode of Seattle's longest running, original episodic series, Sex in Seattle! To Choose or Not to Choose . . . That is the dilemma. Whether 'tis better to make a choice even if you’re not sure, or not to make one at all and just see what happens. Did you marry the right person? Are you ready to have a baby? Should you date the Asian guy or the white guy? What to do? Life is all about choices. But what if you make the wrong one? See what the sassy Asian American gals of Sex in Seattle do in an all brand new episode! Sex in Seattle – a smart and sexy theatre show with a sense of humor.

Creators: Kathy Hsieh, Lisa Marie Nakamura, & Dawn Pearse
Writer: Kathy Hsieh
Director: Miko Premo
Cast: Jose Abaoag III, Daniel Arreola, Leilani Berinobis, Elizabeth Daruthayan, Ulric Dihle, Kathy Hsieh, Gigi Jhong, Travis Myers, Patrick Scott, and Christian Ver !

See News story. A review is here.

The First National Asian American Theatre Festival
New York City, NY
June 11 to 24, 2007

Two weeks of Asian American/Asian Canadian theatre drawn from across the continent, jammed into all the burroughs of New York City, from Manhattan to Staten Island.

THE FIRST NATIONAL ASIAN AMERICAN THEATER FESTIVAL runs June 11-24, 2007 at various venues throughout NYC. Tickets to NAATF events range from $18-$20; discount subscription packages are also available; call at 212-352-3101 or (toll free) 866-811-4111. For additional information, visit


Makoto Hirano & Roko Kawai (Philadelphia,  PA)
ACCENT is a new dance-theatre collaboration between Japanese-American performance artists Makoto Hirano and Roko Kawai. Makoto and Roko share a "linguistic phenomenon" -- that while English is the language that they are most comfortable speaking, their Japanese holds no traceable accent or hint that they may not be a native to Japan. Through movement, dialogue, and humor, they explore the voice and language(s) of the body to ask, "how does my accent look?" This show is being presented on a shared bill with STRANGE RAIN by Marian Yalini Thambynayagam.
Dates: June 22 at 9:3; June 23 at 1:00 and 7:00; and June 24 at 4:30. Venue: Abingdon Theater

Marcus Young (Minneapolis, MN)
In his solo work AND, conceptual artist Marcus Young makes theater unfamiliar by leading the audience on a quiet yet radical inquiry into the nature of performance. Like Zen text or the Book of Dao, AND is poetic, down-to-earth, elusive, and profound.
Dates: June 21 and 23 at 7:00; June 24 at 3:00 and 7:00. Venue: The Flea Theater

Big HeadBig Head: Japanese Incarceration During Wwii And Those Perceived As "The Enemy," Post 9/11
Denise Uyehara (Tucson, AZ)
BIG HEAD revisits the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II and considers current-day treatment of those perceived as "the enemy now" -- including Muslim Americans, Arab Americans, and South Asian Americans. Clay animation, video montage, text and movement evoke the winding path of collective memory and provide hope for the future.
Dates: June 12, 13 and 14 at 9:30. Venue: Theatre Row, The Kirk Theatre

Carry The Tiger To The Mountain
Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (New York,  NY)
In 1982, Vincent Chin was beaten to death outside a Detroit bar by two unemployed auto workers. The men were fined $3,780. An American Story – a quest for justice.

Carry the Riger to the Mountain
Dates: June 20, 21, 22, 23 at 7:30; and June 20 and 22 at 2:00. Venue: West End Theatre

The Caste & The Furious: Tokyo Drift
Stir-Friday Night! (Chicago, IL)
A high energy, gut-busting sketch comedy revue, THE CASTE delivers a turbo boost of physical comedy and a cruise control view of political and social satire. SFN! cleverly weaves through musical numbers, monologues, choreographed bits, and satirical sketches at a lightning quick pace.
Dates: June 12, 13, 14 and 15 at 9:30 pm. Venue: Abingdon Theater; and June 17 (time tbd) at Queens Theatre in the Park

Cooking Con Karimi Con Castro
kaotic good productions (Newark, CA)
"This is CNN meets the Food Network": Using the recipes as points of departure to talk about cultural collisions and complex political events occurring around the world, Cooking Con Karimi (Con Castro) is a humorous, audience interactive cooking show that challenges conventional notions of how we approach food, culture, and politics.. and the audience gets to eat free food that’s prepared live by chefs Mero Cocinero Karimi and Comrade Cocinero Castro.
Dates: June 19, 21 at 8:00 and June 20 at 2:00 and 8:00, Venue: Abingdon Theatre

The Edge Of The World
Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
Part cabaret, part objet d'art, part truth or dare. In a night of all new 5-minute-or-shorter "speed plays" asking and addressing the question of what Asian America wants, F. Omar Telan and a rotating cast take you on a roller coaster ride of comedy, drama, serious reflection, and pure theatrical entertainment.
Dates: June 15 at 10:00; June 17 at 5:30; June 21 at 10:0; and June 23 at 10:00. Venue: LaMaMa ETC Edge of the World

NAATCO (New York, NY)
In 1998, Peter Marks wrote in the New York Times: "[NAATCO] has taken FALSETTOLAND, William Finn's lyrical paean to Jewish angst, with its aggressively Jewish New York sensibility and multiple references to gefilte fish, and recast it with Asian-American actors. Does the gambit work? Let's put it this way: You should be so talented." NAATCO presents this remount with Alan Muraoka, who directed in 1998, on board once again. Also from that company are Christine Toy Johnson and Jason Ma. Also featuring: Ben Wu, MaryAnn Hu, and Francis Jue.
Festival Dates: June 14 - 24. Times and venue TBD.

The Female Heart
Diverse City (New York, NY)
A story of hope and dreams deferred and the redeeming power of unconditional love.
Dates: June 16 at 8:00; June 17 at 2:00 and 7:00; and June 18 at 8:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Clurman

From The Ashes
Pangea World Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
From the Ashes explores the reality of what it means to be searching for home, for something to believe in, and for causes to live for. Using the immediacy of street theater as the idiom, From the Ashes explores the global question of migration and movement in a multi-lingual, physically charged performance with live music.
Dates: June 12, 13, 14 and 15 at 7:00. Venue: Abingdon Theater

From The Heart: A Celebration Of Asian & Asian American Women
Jude Narita (Marina del Rey,  CA)
Jude Narita presents a celebration of Asian and Asian American women -- breaking stereotypes, creating true identity, surviving internment, cherishing family, and holding onto their dreams for the future. Memories and dreams mix with present. Embracing one's own heritage is like coming home. And ultimately, the women illuminate the universal similarities of us all. Presented on a shared bill with ON THIS ISLAND.
Dates: June 19, 20 and 21 at 7:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Clurman Theatre; and June 17 (time tbd) at Queens Theatre in the Park

Guns & Tampons: A History Of Violence Against Women I Know
Hanalei Ramos (Jersey City, NJ)
By staging poetic portraits of some of the most intimate moments in a woman's life, Hanalei Ramos challenges our limited definition of "violence against women."  Ultimately, the patchwork testimony of several individuals becomes the story of all women, and a compelling glimpse into a world of survival and strength.
This show will be presented on a shared bill with Living Memory/Living Absence by Anida Yoeu.
Dates: June 16 at 8:00; and June 17 at 3:00 and 8:00. Venue: Abingdon Theatre

Happy Valley Happy Valley
Mu Performing Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
In HAPPY VALLEY, playwright Aurorae Khoo sets the play amid the tremendous turmoil of 1997 as Hong Kong returns from British rule to Mainland Chinese control. Through the charming prism of a young girl, Tuppy and her uncle, Khoo explores racism between Asian ethnic groups, the struggles of adolescence, and the life-changing nature of emigration.
Dates: June 22 at 8:00; June 23 at 3:00 and 8:00; and June 24 at 5:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Clurman Theatre

The House Of Bernarda Alba
NAATCO (New York, NY)
NAATCO remounts its highly acclaimed 2000 production of Federico García Lorca's play about a repressive and tyrannical mother, which was finished just months before his assassination. THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA was selected by the Village Voice as one of the best shows of the 2000 season.
Festival Dates: June 12 - 24(times tbd). Nagelberg Theater at the Baruch Performing Arts Center

I Land
Ma-Yi Theater Company (New York, NY)
Keo Woolford's new play weaves together hula, hip-hop, traditional Hawaiian story talk, and spoken word in a semi-autobiographical journey that navigates the many worlds where hula lives: from backyard parties to Hollywood kitsch to the realm of the sacred. Produced by Ma-Yi Theater Company, I LAND is co-commissioned in cooperation with Asia Society and Diverse Work Space.
Festival Dates: June 20, 21, 22, and 23 at 8:00; June 24 at 3:00. Venue: Culture Project. (Tickets to this Off-Broadway production are $25-38).

Korean Badass
Asian American Theater Company (San  Francisco, CA)
Everybody has a dream… His is to be the first Asian Steve McQueen. KOREAN BADASS is a hellbent-for-leather, balls-to-the-wall solo performance by Stevie Lee Saxon and directed by Jeannie Barroga.
Dates: June 14, 16, 22 and 24 at 10:00. Venue: LaMaMa ETC

Soomi Kim (New York, NY)
LEE/GENDARY is the deconstruction of an icon; a hallucinatory walk through the landscape of Bruce Lee's mind the moment before he dies. This unique gender-bending performance reflects Lee's drive to defy definition, by fluidly integrating text, live original music, video, and an explosive hybrid of martial arts, dance, and acrobatics.
Dates: June 19, 20, 21 at 9:30. Venue: Theatre Row, The Clurman Theatre; and June 17 (time tbd) at Queens Theatre in the Park

Living Dead In Denmark
Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company (Brooklyn,  NY)
Living Dead in Denmark is an action-adventure/horror sequel to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. All the world’s a stage…and this one’s covered in blood and zombies!
Dates: June 12, 13, 14, 15 at 8:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Clurman Theatre

Living Memory/Living Absence
Anida Yoeu Ali (Chicago, IL)
LIVING MEMORY/LIVING ABSENCE is an exploration of memory and exile, and the pain of these experiences within the bodies of genocide survivors. In this interdisciplinary piece Anida Yoeu Ali performs poetry with movement inspired by Butoh set against a video and sound backdrop of her memories in Cambodia.
This show is being presented on a shared bill with Guns & Tampons by Hanalei Ramos.
Dates: June 16 at 8:00 and June 17 at 3:00 and 8:00. Venue: Abingdon Theater

On The Island
Jump Start Performance Company (San Antonio,  TX)
Have you ever imagined yourself alone, abandoned in a God-forsaken spot in the middle of an ocean? On the Island is a chilling, enigmatic tale of imprisonment without trial, framed and punctuated with aerial dance.
This show is being presented on a shared bill with FROM THE HEART by Jude Narita.
Dates: June 19, 20 and 21 at 7:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Clurman Theatre

Parang Sabil
New World Theater (Amherst, MA)
PARANG SABIL by Kinding Sindaw will be presented by New World Theater. A multimedia performance about the U.S. military occupation of Mindanao in the Philippines, presented through the staging of a traditional epic poem and the writings of Mark Twain. Kinding Sindaw is a dance-theatre troupe grounded in the indigenous forms of the southernmost island of the Philippines, Mindanao.
Dates: June 19, 20 and 21 at 7:00; and June 20 at 1:30. Venue: Theatre Row, The Kirk

Ramble-Ations: A One D'lo Show
D'Lo (Santa Monica, CA)
Born Gay into a Tamil-Sri Lankan Hindu family and raised by Hip Hop. "Gay Hindu Hip Hop-These 3 things make me but don't allow for one another. This is my attempt at fusing these elements of my being (and my imaginary friends) onto the stage."
Dates: June 18, 19, 20, 22 at 7:00; and June 23 at 3:00. Venue: The Flea Theatre

Refugee Nation
TeAda Productions (Santa Monica, CA)
Collaborators Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng have collected poignant and gripping first-hand accounts from Laotian refugees trying to create a future while their descendants struggle to understand their past. Through theatre, dance and poetry, these artists have created an interdisciplinary theatrical experience that illuminates the plight of displaced peoples and cultures worldwide.
Dates: June 22 at 7:00; June 23 at 3:30 and 9:30; and June 24 at 2:00. Venue: The Abingdon Theatre

Replaced Rituals - Excerpt Remembered Rhythms
Courtyard Dancers (Wynnewood, PA)
REMEMBERED RHYTHMS is part of the Replaced Rituals project, a contemporary dance theater piece that gives voice to migratory rituals of the South Asian diaspora. This work integrates classical dance styles of India with pedestrian movements, tabla, and drum kit to explore a new expression of displacement. This semi-autobiographical piece addresses the complex relationship of an immigrant's experience to her past that is embedded in bodily memories.
This show will be presented on a shared bill with Big Head by Denise Uyehara.
Dates: June 12, 13, 14 at 9:30 pm. Venue: Theater Row, The Kirk Theater

The Romance Of Magno Rubio
Ma-Yi Theater Company (New York, NY)
THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO is the OBIE Award-winning story of heartache and dreams. Set in the central valleys of California in the 1930's, the play tells the tale of Magno, a short Filipino migrant worker who longs for love. Cast includes JoJo Gonzales and Paolo Montalban (who starred as Prince Charming in "Cinderella" with Brandy and Whitney Houston).
Festival Dates: June 11-17; Tuesdays-Saturdays at 8pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm. Venue: Culture Project. (Tickets to this Off-Broadway production are $25-$50).

The Spoken World
Youth Speaks, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
The Spoken World is a journey into memory and the grotesque body as experience in the lives of five Bay Area 20-something year old.
Dates: June 19 and 21 at 9:30, June 20 at 4:00 and 9:30. Venue: Theatre Row, The Kirk Theatre

Strange Rain
Marian Yalini Thambynayagam (Brooklyn, NY)
STRANGE RAIN blends spoken word, theater, movement, song, and video in a haunting journey that unearths hidden wounds within Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora.
This show is being presented on a shared bill with Accent by Makoto Hirano and Roko Kawai
Dates: June 22 at 9:30; June 23 at 1:00 and 7:00; and June 24 at 4:30. Venue: Abingdon Theatre

Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (New York,  NY)
Four women gather to remember a friend, Himiko, after she kills her abusive American husband and herself. Her friends, also war brides, meet at her house to drink tea, comb through Himiko's life and consider their own.
Festival Dates: June 11- 17, 2007; Wednesdays-Saturdays at 8:00; Sundays at 3:00. Venue: West End Theatre.
(Tickets to this Off-Broadway production are $20-40).

18 Mighty Mountain Warriors in collaboration with Lodestone Theatre Ensemble, Cold Tofu & OPM
(Glendale, CA)
This sketch comedy performance tells the story of AHOLE-TV (Asia Home of Language Entertainment), a fictional Asian American cable network with a mission to create programming by and for the Asian Pacific American community.
Dates: June 22 at 7:00, June 23 at 4:00 and 9:00 and June 24 at 4:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Kirk Theatre

Three Filipino Tenors
East West Players (Los Angeles, CA)
Coming from different yet similar musical backgrounds, Antoine Reynaldo Diel, Randy Guiya, Lito Villareal, known as the THREE FILIPINO TENORS blend their voices and talents to create an autobiographical musical program full of variety, beauty and heart.
Dates: June 12, 13, 14, 15 at 7:00. Venue:  Theatre Row, The Kirk Theatre
*Special Encore Performance: June 17, 3:00 at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center

U-Hauls, Bridesmaids & Backwards Mountain
Regie Cabico, Aileen Cho (New  York, NY)
Two downtown spoken words veterans present a new triptych.
Dates: June 12, 13, 19, 20 at 8:00. Venue: LaMaMa ETC

Undesirable Elements
Ping Chong & Company (New York, NY)
Created by theatrical innovator Ping Chong, UNDESIRABLE ELEMENTS is a powerful exploration of the Asian-American experience in New York through an interview-based theater work. A chamber piece of storytelling, the performance features real people telling their personal experiences of creating cultural identity out of a rich and complex heritage.
Dates: June 14, 8:00. Venue: Pregones; and June 15 at 8:00 at Asia Society

Wong Flew

Wong Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Kristina Wong (Los Angeles, CA)
Incisive writer and performer Kristina Wong mixes sharp humor and shaky psychology in WONG FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEXT, an absolutely-not-autobiographical, serio-comic quest for a cheap fix to eradicate depression, anxiety and all-out neuroses.
Dates: June 16 at 8:00, June 17 at 3:00 and 7:00; and June 18 at 7:00. Venue: Theatre Row, The Kirk Theatre

Abingdon Theatre: 312 West 36th Street
Asia Society: 725 Park Avenue
Culture Project: 55 Mercer Street
The Flea Theater: 41 White Street
La MaMa ETC: 74 East 4th Street
Nagelberg Theater/Baruch PAC: 55 Lexington  Avenue
The Public Theater: 425 Lafayette Street
Theatre Row's Kirk and Clurman Theatres: 410  West 42nd Street
West End Theater: 263 West 86th Street
Queens Theatre in the Park: Flushing Meadows /Corona Park in Queens
Pregones Theater in the Bronx: 571-575  Walton Avenue in the Bronx
Snug Harbor Cultural Center: 100 Richmond Terrace (at Snug Harbor Road) on Staten Island

In conjunction with the first-ever NATIONAL ASIAN AMERICAN THEATER FESTIVAL, additional independent arts events are happening throughout the city. These include: Desipina in participation with the Suzan-Lori Parks' 365 DAYS/365 PLAYS PROJECT; Fred Ho's DRAGON VS. EAGLE: ENTER THE WHITE BARBARIANS! at the Apollo Theater; Fluid Motion Theatre & Film's GOLDEN FLEECE PROJECT by Mronalini Kamath at Cherry Lane Studio Theater; Second Generation's MADE IN TAIWAN, starring screen actor Michelle Krusiec; May Nazareno's CABARET PAMANA AKO at the Duplex; Marisa Marquez' SAMPAGUITA at 45th Street Theatre; Sita Mani's SCARAB TALE at Dharma Road; and Rich Kiamco's UNACCESSORIZED at Under Saint Mark's Theatre; and other exciting events, TBA.

For additional information and updates, please visit

List of shows and artists available here.

Williamstown Theatre Festival (Williamstown, MA)
by Tom Cone
Music by - Skip Kennon
Lyrics by - Ellen Fitzhugh
June 14 to 24, 2007

Tony-award winner B.D. Wong stars in this one-man musical that recounts the childhood of vaudeville wunderkind George after he is possessed by the angry spirit of a toe-tapping midget. This unconventional work deals with the exploitation of child stars and the drive to perform.

Fluid Motion (New York, NY)
The Golden Fleece Project
a new play by Mrinalini Kamath
Part One of the Women at War Workshop Series
3 Staged Workshop Readings
Thursday June 21 to Saturday June 23 , 2007

7:00pm (NOTE NEW TIME)
at the Cherry Lane Studio Theatre, 38 Commerce St.
in association with the National Asian American Theatre Festival

Admission is FREE!
Each reading will be followed by a talkback with the artists.


The 2007 workshop of The Golden Fleece Project is supported by a generous grant from the Fund for Creative Communities/New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Ma-Yi Theater Company (NYC, NY)
New Works Reading Series
presented as part of the First National Asian American Theater Festival

Two One-Act Plays by Philip Kan Gotanda
Friday, June 22, 2007 -3:00PM

Play 1: natalie wood is dead

A washed-up celluloid siren and her rebellious actress daughter – two generations of Asian B-Movie starlets – face off to reckon with their choices in navigating the labyrinthine alleys of race and gender in Hollywood.

Play 2: White Manifesto and Other Perfumed Tales of Self-Entitlement or Got Rice?

A W.M.W.A. (white male with attitude) shares his formulas for dating, race relations, and how to hook Asian women.

by Eugenie Chan
Saturday, June 23, 2007 -3:00PM

When Nicky's obsession with his ‘Vette (and the white mechanic who helps him fix it) interferes with his family's traditional dinner ritual, it ignites a battle with his strict Chinese father that drives him to carve his own definition of manhood.

The readings will feature Raul Aranas, Gregory Blatto, Laura Kai Chen, Tina Chilip, Jessica Hagedorn, Natalie Kim, Karen Tse Lee, Jon Norman Schneider, Ean Sheehy, Pearl Sun. Directed by Loy Arcenas

All readings at the
55 Mercer Street, between Grand and Broome St

The readings are free and open to the public.
RSVP by emailing to suzette.porte (AT)

Ma-Yi Writers Lab (NYC, NY)
June 22 and 23, 2007

The Ma-Yi Writers Lab
the largest resident company of Asian American playwrights anywhere, ever
two completely different nights
hot, steaming piles of short plays, scenes, monologues and songs for Asian American actors


(a $10 donation gets you all-you-can-drink)

55 Mercer Street
(between Broome & Grand)

featuring new work by

depending on who shows up.

directed by MICHAEL LEW

(We're totally crashing it.)

Show up early. We're not taking reservations, it's first-come, first-served.

Assaulted Fish @ Sketch Club (Vancouver, BC)
Presented by The Media Club & ŒKeep Your Head Up‚
Featuring Assaulted Fish, The Dead Understudies, The
Skinny, The 30 Cent Players and We Are Diamond.
Hosted by Shawn Hall.
Sunday, June 24th

Show at 8pm (doors open 7pm)

The Media Club
695 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

Tickets: $25
Available at the door or in advance by calling KYHU
Productions at 778 329 8417.

Mark Taper Forum (Los Angeles, CA)
East West Players (Los Angeles, CA)
The Public (NYC, NY)
Yellow Face
by David Henry Hwang
May 20 to July 1, 2007

A biting new comedy from the Tony Award-winning author of M. Butterfly.

David Henry Hwang writes himself into this world premiere, blurring truth and fiction to expose previously “untold events” behind his most disastrous Broadway flop.

Family politics, international intrigue and Senate investigators converge in this wild satire about cultural identity – all in pursuit of the ever-elusive truth. After inadvertently casting a white actor in the Asian lead role, the author finds himself in an embarrassing, ironic and hilarious position that takes the PC out of PC.

Los Angeles-born playwright David Henry Hwang received the Tony Award for his Broadway debut, M. Butterfly, co-wrote the book for Elton John and Tim Rice’s musical Aida, and wrote the book for Disney’s Broadway musical Tarzan. His adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Flower Drum Song premiered at the Mark Taper Forum in 2001.

Presented by Center Theatre Group and The Public Theater in association with East West Players.

Yes, reviews are now out.

Mu Performing Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
Mu Daiko
June 29 to July 1, 2007

Fri. Sat. at 7pm
Sun. at 2pm
at The Southern Theater
1420 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Mu Daiko's ninth annual Passing the Beat blends high-energy movement, intricate drumming and rhythm in an unforgettable taiko display. Students and their instructors perform new and classic pieces from the Mu Daiko repertory, fusing musical styles both ancient and contemporary.

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Cleveland Raining jpg

A Walking Shadow Productions (Boston, MA):
Cleveland Raining
A play by Sung Rno
Produced and Directed by Rosalyn Chi

June 29 and 30, 2007

A pair of Korean American siblings in rural Ohio struggle to come to terms
with parental loss, their broken dreams, and the prophecy of a flood that offers
hope for a new beginning.

Friday, June 29th, 8pm
Saturday, June 30th, 8pm

Free Admission
Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
38 Ash Street, Boston, MA

To reserve tickets, please email: tlgf539 AT

Mu Performing Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
4th ANNUAL GALA CELEBRATION -- A Filipino Fiesta
Sunday, July 1, 2007 from 6 to 9 pm
The Southern Theater
1420 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Immerse yourself in a memorable evening of Asian performance and culture, including a silent auction, catered hors d'oeuvres, and a showcase of the finest talent in the Twin Cities hosted by Lita Malicsi and Randy Reyes. Proceeds will support the work of Theater Mu and Mu Daiko. With your help, we will continue to challenge and excite diverse audiences with theater and taiko from the heart of the Asian American experience.

Tickets: $35 in advance; $40 at the door.
Please call (612) 340-1725 for reservations.

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