Pictures from the 2nd Asian American Theatre Conference

Open Book

Open Book, site of one of the activities.


The Guthrie, site of most of the activities.

Opening night activities was the performer's showcase, emphasizing the work of writer/performers. Opening was a short presentation by local artists, a short segment by Hmong standup artist Tou Ger Ziong, a tribute to David Mura, founder of the Asian American Renaissance, one of the first Asian American arts center in the country, and a short piece by D'Lo, Individual performers included

  • Seattle's SIS Production/Kathy Hsieh, presenting excerpts of Episode 11: The Ultimate Dating Challenge
  • San Francisco's Samantha Chanse, presenting Lydia's Funeral Video
  • Reggie Cabico, Bilal Dardi and Omar Telan and te Neo-Futurists.
  • Aamera Siddiqui and Suzy Messerole present Draw Two Circles.
  • Minneapolis' May Lee-Yang presents Anatomy of a Hmong Girl.
  • Los Angeles's Dan Kwong presenting Proud 2 B An American
  • New York's John Quincy Lee, presenting ABC
  • Minneapolis' Sun-Mee Chowmet presenting Asian Amnesia


Jose Abaoag and Kathy Hsieh, rehearsing for the opening night showcase at Mixed Blood Theatre.

Tisa Chang

Tisa Chang, Pan Asian, at the Showcase.

Lisa Moon, Pearl Wong

Lisa Moon (CATS) and Pearl Wong (AATC)

Shyamala Moorty and Mahi Palanisami (thanks!)

Tim Dang, AD at East West.

Rick Shiomi and Meena

Rick Shiomi, Mu Perfoming, and Meena Natarajan., Pangea World Theatre, co-hosts of the conference.

Curtain Calls

Curtain Calls of the performers at the showcase.

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