Bindlestiff Studio proudly presents: 
The Love Edition

Tune in as Bindlestiff turns off the lights and takes you through an evening filled with slow jams, smooth conversation, and tales of love, heartache and all the weirdness in between. Experience 5 classics and "not so" classic stories written, directed and performed by Bindlestiff artists for you and that someone special to enjoy.

Featuring 5 original pieces written by Bindlestiff artists, all presented in a Radio Program. A character from each piece will call in as a caller to the radio station bickering, venting, complaining or sharing about their love-life.

THE LOVE EDITION is Bindlestiff's first production for 2006 out of many event series cultivating talented young individuals with the intention of self-empowerment through expression. 

The show Includes:

"That's what they all say"
Director - Aureen Almario
Writer - Gayle Romasanta
Synopsis: When a mom plays matchmaker to her pregnant daughter, chaos ensues.

"Weirdo Love"
Director- Jasper Pugao
Writer- Gayle Romasanta
Synopsis: Sex toys, handcuffs, and bunny ears. the way...its a musical.

Writer- Sam Chanse
Director- Anton Delfino
Synopsis: Two ex-lovers discuss their present, their past, and the future of their child.

"Love in the Time of Diarrhea"
Writer- Jericho Saria
Director- Ryan Morales
Synopsis: Saying "I love you" is like diarrhea. You just have to let it out.

"PDA (Private Display of Affliction)"
Writer- Anton Delfino
Director- Lorna Chui-Velasco
Synopsis: A forbidden love. A history. A heavy conscience. A ring. A decision. Eric and Jules struggle with their own addictions in a battle of wits and emotions.

February 2,3 & 4 2006(Thurs-Sat) Doors open @ 7pm
February 9,10 & 11 2006(Thurs-Sat) Doors open @ 7pm
Possible Matinee Shows on the 5th and 12th of February

General Admission: $10 advance/ $10-$15 sliding scale at the door

Bindlestiff Alley
505 Natoma St,
San Francisco, CA

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