Bindlestiff presents Santos Trilogy

Bienvenido Santos, a prolific writer of fiction of his time, captured the emotional complexity of Filipino diaspora in the 50s and 60s where the longing for home was both a nostalgic gesture and a firm grip on surviving the consequences of alienation and dislocation. His is a body of work that articulates the multi-layered dimension of immigrant life and all that it takes to survive the throbs of inevitable solitude and cultural estrangement. His narratives are poignant, funny and warm in the way he relates the clandestine encounters between Pinoys in an adopted homeland. The pervading collage of his characters’ social and emotional landscapes are those that any immigrant from any generation can identify with. Part of its commitment in celebrating the works of Filipino writers whose poetic language and lyrical prose continue to enrich our creative identities, Bindlestiff Studio brings to the stage three of Santos’ short stories adapted by Chicago-based writer Larry Leopoldo.

Scent of Apples talks about a brief encounter between a Filipino Professor who is visiting Kalamazoo, Michigan and a self-effacing apple farm worker and their spontaneous journey into a world far removed from where they are and yet still connected by warm memories of their youthful past. Directed by Mark Marking.

The Day the Dancers Came is about two Pinoy old timers in Chicago. Filemon, a consistent dreamer of perpetual bliss and Tony, a pragmatic earth-bound realist inflicted by a strange skin disease, are intimate friends whose share the same dreams of reclaiming their lost identity in a foreign land. They both struggle to keep their lives attainable despite years of alienation from a culture with which they hope to reconnect when a group of folk dancers come for a visit. Directed by Louie Pascasio.

Immigration Blues is a light drama set in San Francisco about two sisters, Antonietta and Monica, who make a surprise visit to Alipio, a Manong in his 60s, for an afternoon of nostalgia and camaraderie, or so it seems. As they reminisce the days of their youth, the three find instant connection only to be interrupted by a hidden agenda lurking all along in the minds of the two women. An agenda that changes the future of all three of them. Directed by Lorna Chui Velasco.

The trilogy of one acts takes center stage on August 11-13, 18-20, Thursdays – Saturdays, 8pm at Bindlestiff Alley on 505 Natoma on 6th Street between Howard & Mission. For ticket reservation and information, call (415) 255-0440 or email through for visit us . The trilogy is also a proud participant of the Tanghalan Theater Festival for the annual celebration of Pistahan.

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