Bindlestiff's staple production, Stories High, reaches it 10th anniversary with a new batch of writers, directors and actors eager to grace its stage.

Stories High is a series of theater workshops that culminates into a show. Artists and anyone who is interested in getting involved with community arts is invited to choose from acting, playwriting, directing, backstage managing, marketing, and producing workshops, all at affordable rates. Stories High hopes to discover, cultivate, and nurture new emerging
artists. This is Bindlestiff's 10th Stories High workshop and show.

Teasers for your tastebuds:
A couple in a bitter feud during their one year anniversary…
An insecure English high school teacher makes sense of her past…
A young woman meets the mother of her savior…
The power of love, and the fight for it, during a dancing class…
A soldier chooses between his family and his perceived country…
A murderer commits his last act of violence…
A confused boyfriend must decide between fidelity and guilty pleasure…

Featured Plays:

  • One Year written by John Raposas and directed by Thomas Paras
  • Non-Sequiturs written by Cathlin Goulding and directed by Ava Tong
  • The Gift written by Conrad Panganiban and directed by Nicole Maxali
  • Not Quite Unrequited written by Ava Tong and directed by Christina Ying
  • The Last Verse in Despair written by Ed Mabasa and directed by Kevin Correa
  • Choices written by Josef Anolin and directed by John Raposas
  • Brothers & Sisters written by Mario "Nomi" deMira and directed by R.J. Lozada

July 31st – August 16th
Thursday- Saturday
$10 - $15 sliding scale

Off Market Theater
965 Mission Street
Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Writing Facilitator – Samantha Chanse
Acting Facilitator – Allan Manalo
Directing Facilitator – Jeannie Barroga
Producers- Anthony Tagudar, Susanna Yu & Dianne Aquino Chui

For more information, please visit If you would like to make a reservation, please email with the show title, date, and number of seats you'd like to reserve.

About Bindlestiff Studio
Established in 1997, Bindlestiff Studio is the nation's only independent and permanent community-based performing arts venue dedicated to the cultivation of emerging and established Filipino American artists. Its mission is to inspire community involvement and social awareness through the arts. Bindlestiff provides an affordable, professional theater to encourage artists to redefine the boundaries of social and artistic expression and provides the community access to diverse offerings in theatrical productions, music and film festivals, workshops in directing, production, acting, stand-up comedy, and writing, in addition to a children and youth theater program. Bindlestiff needs your support as it enters into a new phase of artistic and organizational development. To donate or to volunteer, please call (415) 255-0440 or visit our website at

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