Bindlestiff Studio Celebrates Filipino American History Month with Touring Theater Production - Alamat Makes Stops in Three Bay Area Theaters

In commemoration of the Filipino American History Month in October, Bindlestiff Studio, the epicenter of Filipino American arts, today announced an upcoming touring theater production of writer Rodolfo Carlos Vera’s Alamat (Legends), a performance project about identity, history and folklore.  The play will run for eight shows starting on October 6-8th at El Camino Theater in South San Francisco, continuing on October 21-22 at Serramonte del Rey Theater in Daly City and ending on December 9-10 at the Diego River Theater of City College of San Francisco.  The play is ready for booking outside of San Francisco.

Directed by Louie Pascasio and performed by resident Bindlestiff Players, the play features the braided story of three different generations of Filipino men dating back to the 1904 St. Louis World Exposition in Missouri when a large group of indigenous Filipinos came to America clothed in their sacred traditions, haunting chants and pulsating beats.  Alamat is a story about reclaiming one’s heritage through myths and folktales waiting to be retold and reawakened. 

“Bindlestiff Studio believes in the role of the arts in building vibrant communities which take pride in celebrating the diversity of its values, traditions and history,” said Artistic Director, Louie Pascasio.  The play creates a mosaic of dramatic storytelling fusing traditional forms and stylized improvisations in drama, music and choreography.  

Now in its eighth season, Bindlestiff Studio, continues to expand the horizon for Filipino dramaturgy with Alamat. The production in supported in part by Theater Bay Area Cash Grant.For booking information or to make reservations call (415) 255-0440 or email

More About Alamat
By Filipino writer, Rodolfo Carlos Vera, Alamat (Legends) is a story about identity, history and folklore. Pat, an American-born Filipino of northern Philippines Kalinga tribal ancestry, visits his parents’ homeland for the first time to bury his father, Gadiaman, a warrior who came to the US in 1946 after serving United States Army Air Force Far East (USAAFFE) in WWII.  For the first time Pat meets his 85-year old grandfather Ochas, a Kalinga who had come to America in 1904 and whose desire to reclaim his lost dignity still haunts him. The story carves out a life montage for these three men juxtaposed with myths and legends that speak of truths, parallels and folk insights considered ! archaic in modern times but whose wisdom is more enduring than time itself.

About Bindlestiff Studio
Founded in 1997, Bindlestiff Studio is the nation’s only permanent Filipino-American experimental theater space.  A community-based performing arts venue dedicated to the cultivation of emerging and established Filipino American artists, Bindlestiff is anchored in the Sixth Street South of Market Street community where the highest concentration of Filipinos, including many World War II veterans, in San Francisco reside.  For nearly ten years Bindlestiff Studio has educated the public about Filipino American culture and the arts through original and experimental works, public workshops, concerts, readings, and other events with the integration of various disciplines including performance, visual and literary arts, film/video and music.  Displaced from its original theater to make room for badly needed affordable housing units, Bindlestiff has currently been re-located in by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to an interim theater space.  The theater is awaiting its chance to return to its original home, pending the success of raising one million dollars.  For general information call (415) 255-0440 or go to our website at

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