Day 1 Coverage of the 3rd National Asian American Theatre Festival

Welcome to Conference and Festival attendees.

Leslie Ishii oversees the volunteers manning the Registration booth in the courtyard of East West Players.

East West Artistic Director Tim Dang directs traffic.

Part of New York's contingent: Ma-Yi's Jorge Z. Ortoll and NAATCO's Mia Katigbak.

Minneapolis' Rick Shiomi (Mu Performing Arts)

New York's Carla Ching (2g).

Playwright/performer Shishir Kurup (talking to TEAFA's Ova Saopeng).

Seattle's Kathy Hsieh (SIS Productions) and Maggie Lee (Pork Filled Players).

Gayle Isa (Philadelphia, Asian Arts Initiative), Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama and Andrea Assaf.

View of the courtyard.

Dante Brasco and Qui Nguyen (New York, Vampire Cowboys Theatre).

TEADA's Leilani Chan and East West's Tim Dang open the conference.

Opening panel of Lucy Burns (professor at UCLA), Krystal Banzon (director), Velina Hasu Houston (playwright) and Cheryl Ikemiya (funder, Doris Duke).

Perfomrance Artist Alison De La Cruz, introducing a performance segment of opening night.

More pictures (and in full size) available here.

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