Don't miss the exciting and much anticipated world premiere of actorwriter West Liang's new play, The Legend of Jane & Joe, directed by Justin Huen, to be presented at the historic Ricardo Montalbán Theatre from August 4 through August 28, 2005. Performances will be on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays at 7:00 p.m.

Liang's play successfully delivers a refreshing and edgy exploration into the relationship between two artists in contemporary Los Angeles, beginning with their brief but riotous first encounter. Under Huen's dynamic direction, a talented ensemble of actors breathe life into these two young lovers as they discover lust and vanity, fear and happiness, ambition and discipline, and love and fate. In addition to his directing duties, the Ovation Award-nominated designer has also created the set and lighting for this production, saying:

"When Ifirst read this play, it spoke to me immediately. It was exciting! Ifound that it, ingeniously, broke a lot of old rules and stepped out of some clear boundaries. My direction and design complement that. They very much highlight the things that tugged at me initially about the story, which are the voices and the personalities behind the characters and how we, as an audience, can relate to them."

This clever and tautly written script oozes with laugh-out-loud humor and heartbreaking dilemmas, before reminding us that the vibrant legend of Jane and Joe will, likely, continue well beyond today. Featured in the cast are Elizabeth Ai, Parvesh Cheena, Laura Hess, Justin Huen, Lexi Karriker, West Liang, Amy Lucas, Ethan Mechare and Esequiel Ruelas.

The Legend of Jane & Joe was first workshopped at the Ivar Theatre in Hollywood, and it's being produced through a collaborative between Agro.Culture Productions and Delinquent Development, which, in 2004, presented the critically acclaimed world premiere of West Liang's The Atmosphere of Henry at the Ivar Brickbox Theatre in Hollywood. Agro.Culture Productions has also been involved with the staging of numerous productions in Los Angeles over the last three years, including dA WGS, Looking For Al Pacino and Tape.

The Ricardo Montalbán Theatre is located at 1615 North Vine Street, Hollywood, California, 90028. General admission tickets are available at the door for $20.00 each, while a limited number of early online tickets are available through for $15.99 each. Early RSVP is highly recommended. For reservations and information, please visit their proud official sponsor's website, You may also call (310) 440 - 9710 or

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