Rude Guerrilla presents the World Premiere of Helltown Buffet September 19!

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Rude Guerrilla Theater Company is pleased to announce the World Premiere of playwright Aurelio Locsin's black comedy Helltown Buffet as the ninth production in its eleventh season. Can a Hometown Buffet manager and his hunky demon seducer fall in love through their real and imagined histories? This dark comedy propels them from Orange County to several afterlives, prompting encounters with a sexy demoness, a fabulous stylist, bewildered tribesmen, and talking trees. The production is directed by the playwright. PLEASE NOTE: This production is for mature audiences and is not for children.

The production opens Friday, September 19, 2008 and runs thru Saturday, October 18 for 14 performances at 202 N. Broadway, in Santa Ana. Show times are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 pm., with Sunday matinees @ 2:30 p.m. beginning September 28th. And one Thursday performance on Oct. 16 @ 8:00 pm. Tickets are $20 general admission, $15 for seniors and an inexpensive $10 for students with an ID. Opening champagne gala is $25.

"Hometown Buffet" is one of my favorite places to eat, even without the 99-cent coupon," says playwright/director Locsin. "During one of these food orgies, I noticed how a huge number of larger-than-normal people left uneaten food on their plate, which the servers promptly threw away. I thought, wouldn't it have been better to give all that food to hungry and homeless people? When I asked the employees, it turns out it was against health department regulations.

Those images put together produced the opening buffet scene in one inspired sitting. That scene remained a stand-alone short without dialog until I took it to the playwriting class of East-West Players in Los Angeles, where playwright/instructor Prince Gomolvilas advised his students to write the first scene of the play and then continue
with the ending of the play before filling in the remaining scenes.That unusual technique produced the script for this production.

People who specialize in such things will find all kinds of symbolism, social commentary, and educational messages in Helltown Buffet but my main goal was to create something fun and entertaining for the audience. If anything more than that comes out, it's a happy accident."

The cast of nine includes RGTC member Alexander Price (last seen in CHAIR). Returning is Frank Aranda (last seen in THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS), Trina Estanislao (last seen in MAN OF LA MANCHA) and Rick Kopps (last seen in NOCTURNE). Making their debut on the Rude Guerrilla stage is Jason Luna, Ashley Jo Navarro, Brian Chayane Salero, David Tran and Maggie Zamora.

Helltown Buffet's choreography is by Assistant Director Lee Samuel Tanng, Costumes are by Sarah Boros, Lighting Design is by Ryan Joyner, Sound and Projection Design by Aurelio Locsin, and Stage Manager is Brenda Kenworthy.

If you'd like to arrange an interview with the cast or director, or want more information, reservations or complimentary press passes, please call 714-547-4688, send us an email at or visit Rude Guerrilla's website at

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