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August 13, 2001

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[1Unofficially considered a racist site that'd be banned under British law.]

[Are you an Asian American actor, designer, film maker, director or screen/playwright? E-mail me on access to an e-mail discussion/announcement list, the aa-drama list.]

To all the kind artists who've been supplying the Revue with information, links and other goodies--Thanks! Unfortunately, my manners have deteriorated along with my age, and my responses are somewhat spotty, depending on my time and energy...but your info is appreciated! (And if I've forgotten one or two of your gentle! Just email me and remind my poor, tire noggin of what I missed....)

"Key word stuff? Asian American theatre (or Asian American theater if you prefer); Asian American drama, from news to directories to reviews of Asian American theatre works. "

Comments? Updates? Breaking news? E-mail me at

[NOTE: Wanna get your production on the Calendar? Or your group in the Directory? E-mail me a proper press release...or if you don't trust your server, US-Mail me your release. Of course, if you do THAT, I expect some goodies like press photos, brochures, production histories, artists' bios and the like, which will go on the site. Send mail to

14810 Meridian Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98133

Then wait for me to scan, OCR and otherwise slice, dice, massage and HTML it for proper use by the site. Timing depends on my whims (and how much other time I have left over from my own theatre work).]

Oh, yeah....a nepotistic link here to a performing cousin...

And, oh, yeah....check out you know what's good for you....

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