Woyzeck, Buchner's scathing indictment of society and PLAY story of a simple man driven to murder FINDS ITSELF UNDER THE COVER OF KUMU KAHUA'S DARK NIGHT

Kumu Kahua Theatre, as part of its Dark Night Series, presents Pure Theatre's production of Georg Buchner's Woyzeck, on September 20, 26 and 27 at 8 pm at Kumu Kahua Theatre, 46 Merchant Street, on the corner of Merchant and Bethel. Tickets are $5. Call 536-4441 to reserve a seat.

Woyzeck is considered a masterpiece, influencing everyone from Brecht to Beckett, from Artaud to Eugene O'Neill. The first drama taking as its hero a man from the lowest rung of society, Woyzeck is one of the original examples of the open form of drama, where in a series of scenes the hero is acted upon, driving him to tragic ends.

Woyzeck tells the story of a simple soldier, Franz Woyzeck. To support his common-law wife Marie and their child, Franz works slavishly to earn a meager living as a soldier, a sometime barber, a woodcutter, and a medical test subject. Buchner's Woyzeck is actually based on a historical incident. In Leipzig in 1824, a Johann Christian Woyzeck was decapitated for the murder of his mistress, Frau Woostin. His execution had been stayed a year before, due to the revelation that Johann Woyzeck had heard voices, and consequently might not be responsible for his actions.

Pure Theatre (formerly Cruel Theatre) draws on the strengths that theatre has over television and film. Woyzeck will be directed by Pure Theatre Artistic Director Taurie Kinoshita; the cast includes HTY actor Reb Beau Allen, On the Spot's Shawn Thomsen, Po'okela nominated Cruel Theatre veteran Danel Verdugo, Po'okela award winner Brent Yoshikami, and stage combat choreographer Nicolas Logue.

Kumu Kahua productions are being supported by the State Foundation on Culture & the Arts, celebrating more than thirty years of culture & the arts in Hawai'i; by the Mayor's Office of Culture & Arts, Jeremy Harris, Mayor; by the Hawai'i Community Foundation; and by foundations, businesses & patrons.

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