Asian American theatre performance in 1997

East West Players (LA)
by David Henry Hwang
April 3 to May 11, 1997

David Henry Hwang brings a revival of his Asian American classic, F.O.B. to a whole new generation of audiences. F.O.B. is Hwang's first play, a deeply moving and sometimes wildly funny piece that explore the conflicts and similarities between two Chinese Americans and a Chinese exchange student who is "fresh off the boat." The production is sponsored in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. [And, no, Mr. Hwang's first name is NOT Tony-Award-winning-playwright/author]

Slant College Tour
Williams College- April 24
Amherst/Hampshire Colleges- April 25
University of Minnesota- May 2

Look out! They're on the loose!

The SLANT Performance Group (Asian American musical satire and theatre ensemble) may be coming to your college campus soon! Beware of injury from excessive laughter and keen insight!

Pan Asian Rep (New York)
April 22 to May 10, 1997
Shanghai Lil's
an original musical
book and lyrics by Lilah Kan
music by Louis Stewart

Set in 1940s San Francisco, a Chinatown restaurant is transformed into a nightclub in the midst of World War II and internment. Shanghai Lil's tells the story of three women: Lil is a mature, widowed owner of a Chinatown restaurant determined to survive financially; Mei-Mei is a world-travelled night club dancer on the verge of a final chance to find love - perhaps with Chase, the local boy turned soldier hero; and Sara, the 17 year old "niece" of Lil, whose Japanese ancestry puts her in danger of being interned. Patterned after the famous Forbidden City of San Francisco (want more info? check out Art Dong's fabulous PBS documentary, Forbidden City) and other actual Chinese American owned and operated nightclubs in the 1930s and 40s, Shanghai Lil's is a reflection of the REAL history of Asian Americans (hmmmm.....a crone/mother/maiden triad? In a Chinatown nightclub in the 1940s? Gee....that sounds real similar to a certain Gershwin pastiche that the Revue has been trying to write for the last three years...)

.San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre
by David Henry Hwang
April 25 to May 11 1997

Hey, guys, this ain't no misprint!

In response to sell-out houses and enthusiastic audiences, San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre restages its dynamic production of David Henry Hwang's play, FOB (Fresh-Off-the-Boat), April 25 through May 11, 1997, at the Ensemble Arts Theatre.

The Obie Award-winning play, a standard of Asian American drama, mixes modern day with classic Chinese mythology as an *ABC* (American-Born Chinese), a first-generation Chinese American, and a *fresh-off-the-boat* immigrant face-off in the back room of a Los Angeles Chinese restaurant.

"Andy Lowe, in the title role, is particularly effective in a show that's small, lively, and to-the-point."

- Christopher Schneider, SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

"An enigmatic piece, simply and effectively presented . . . [the actors] are capable and winning . . . Nicely directed by Chil Kong . . . It's the perfect occasion to say Happy New Year AART and happy first birthday."

- Pat Launer, KPBS-FM

"Director Chil Kong gets the most out of his space and his actors. . . Andy Lowe's Steve . . . is fierce, sharp, and touching . . . If you haven't seen an AART production, this would be a good one to catch. The play's a treat, and the production serves it well.."


Director: San Diego AART Artist-in-Residence Chil Kong; starring San Diego AART Artistic Director Andy Lowe. Other cast changes to be announced. Martial arts choreography: Si fu Dwight Love. Second run produced by Arnold Marquez.

FOB will show at 8 pm Fridays, 8 and 10:30 pm Saturdays, and 7 pm Sundays. The Ensemble Arts Theatre is located in the Art Union Building, 2323 Broadway, San Diego.

Tickets are $10 general, $8 students/seniors/military. Discounts available for groups of ten or more. Please call (619) 477-3383 for reservations and information.

Exit the Dragon
by Eric Michael Zee
May 17, Cal State University, Los Angeles

Actress Ming-Na Wen (Joy Luck Club, Streetfighter, ER, Single Guy) takes the smash hit, three-man show, Exit the Dragon on the road to hit the college circuit!

Exit the Dragon centers around three struggling actors coming to terms with themselves and their identity. It takes an insightful and often humorous look at the stereotypes, insecurities, and viewpoints facing young Asian-American men today, as well as problems and attitudes among the twenty-something generation.

Eric Michael Zee (Peter Chow on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) plays Dave Woo, a drama school graduate who is in denial of his heritage. Tuan Tran (featured in Oliver Stone's, Heaven and Earth) is Vien Vu, a Vietnamese Immigrant who idolizes Bruce Lee. And Kipp Shiotani (In Living Color, Savage Boys) stars as Jun-Li Chow, a militantly pro-Asian womanizing law grad.

The LA Weekly says the show is "cleverly ironic-entertaining evening," and Dramalogue calls it"...a genuine ensemble effort that pleases its audience."

Interested in booking this show? Call:

Imerg, Inc.
505 South Beverly Drive
Suite 831
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

May 8 to 11; May 15 to 18
Back to Back/Kabilaan '97
Noel Alumit/Gary San Angel

********************************** ********************************
Teatro ng Tanan produces two new one-act plays

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Bay Area Filipino theater company, Teatro ng Tanan (TnT), is proud to present BACK TO BACK/ KABILAAN '97, an annual one-act festival featuring Filipino American playwrights Noel Alumit and Gary San Angel.

"A core value of Teatro ng Tanan is to provide opportunities for young and developing playwrights," says TnT Executive Director, Rand Quinn. "We feel this years production will provide an excellent opportunity for our community to experience the works of two of these exciting playwrights."

The two featured plays are Knight of the Broken, by Gary San Angel, directed by Agelio Batle, and Mr. and Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing, by Noel Alumit, directed by Allan Manalo.

Performances of Back To Back/ Kabilaan '97 will be held MAY 8-11 and MAY 15-18, at THEATER RHINOCEROS STUDIO, 2926 16th Street (at South Van Ness), San Francisco, California. Shows from Thursday to Saturday will begin a t 8:30 pm, Sunday matinees will start at 3:00 pm.

Mr. & Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing is a poignant narrative of how an older Filipino couple copes with the illness of their only son. In Knight of the Broken, a frightened young boy finds his voice and comes of age with the help of the stories of his lola (grandmother).

In its seventh season, Teatro ng Tanan remains the Bay Areas only community based Filipino American theater and cultural arts organization. The mission of TnT is to promote a greater understanding of the Filipino community, its arts and its contributions to the cultural diversity of the United States.

Amy Yuen, Publicist
PH: (415) 974-1384

Northwest Asian American Theatre (Seattle)
Janie Bigo

by Dmae Roberts
May 1 - June 1, 1997

"I feel so . . . strange. Perhaps it's a premonition. Or just heartburn. But there comes a time when you just know something is going to happen."

Boy meets girl: shy Buck Tanaka, aspiring Japanese-American magician, meets Janie Nguyen, a regular half-Vietnamese, half-American rock-and-roll singer from Taiwan trying to take her girl group - Janie and the Bigos - to the top of the charts with her "un-love" songs. What could be simpler? So why does Guy keep trying to knock her off? And why can't he ever get it right? A zany new play by Portland playwright Dmae Roberts, author of Picasso in the Back Seat, combining humor and music with magic and mystery to show that what seems complicated on the surface is really much, much simpler underneath.

May 2 to 31
Stir-Friday Night (Chicago)
The Secret Life of Kung-Fu Charlie
Chopin Theatre (1543 W. Division)
Chicago, IL

Just in time for Asian American Heritage Month, Stir-Friday Night will be performing their new show, The Secret Life of King-Fu Charlie, on Friday and Saturday nights, beginning May 2 and through May 31. Shows start at 8 pm at the Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division St., Chicago, IL. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the door or by reservations at 773/973-0893.

Directed by Armando Diaz, the show features Daisy Castro, Wayne Eji, Ken Hamada, Jennifer Liu, Renee Massaro, Ron Mok, Quincy Wong and Joe Yau.

Asian American Repertory Theatre (San Diego)
by Velina Houston
May 15 to June 8, 1997


Five Japanese Warbrides living in Kansas, each of them isolated from the mainstream culture of America, and the traditional culture of their birth, isolated from each other, and their families. After spending lifetimes atempting to establish themselves on their own power, together they must find peace with each other in order to find peace with themselves.

Marking AART's 7th production since it's inception in 1995, TEA is its most ambitious project to date. Directed by Chil Kong, former Artistic Director to Boston's Asia On Stage, Production Design by AART Artistic Director and Co- Founder Andy Lowe, and Costumes by AART new comer Hsin Hsin Van Blerkom. (Artistic Director to Funky Fresh Pan Asian Ethnic Girls) , UCSD Theater students ShinHong Byun, and Irene Pinzon, AART Veterans Kimberly Miller and the return of AART co-founder Jyl Kaneshiro.

Produced by AART Managing Director and Co-Founder Donna Maglalang, Production Assistant Arnold Marquez.

Performances: May 16-June 1
Friday 8:00
Saturday 2:00 and 8:00
Sunday 7:00

Tickets $10 General Admission/ $8 Students Seniors and Military.


** **

Special Panel Discussions and Educational Forums offered after Saturday 2:00 Matinees. Meet and discuss with Director Chil Kong, the Cast of TEA, and various community scholars and invited Panel Members (Panel members to be announced Weekly)
(Disscussion Panels made possible in part by a grant from the California Council for the Arts and Humanities)

477-3383 ext. 2
(S.D.)Asian American Repertory Theater
P.O. Box 17025
(619) 477-3383 ext.2
San Diego, Ca 92177

Great Leap
A Grain of Sand
May 28-29, 1997 Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill
July 19, 1997 John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood, CA

This POWERFUL and IMPORTANT production addresses issues of WOMEN, CULTURAL IDENTITY, AND SOCIAL CHANGE. As well as appearing at the above dates, Great Leap is currently booking a National tour for this one woman, multi-media production for 1997-1998.

A Grain of Sand is a solo saga of one Asian American woman breaking through the forces of silence to find her own song. In a poetic fusion of story, song, movement and video imagery, Nobuko Miyamoto unravels her tales from days of Japanese relocation to the recent events of the Los Angeles uprising. As a young and willing subject of American culture and media, she rejects the ties to her own traditions to 'make it' in show biz. But during the late 1960's, the rhythms of change inspire a compelling pilgrimage as she finds her voice as an activist and singer in the Asian American movement, crossing borders into the Black, Latino and Native American struggles. Awakened by the possibilities and defeats, A Grain of Sand becomes a ritual that takes us beyond the chasms of color and culture, beyond the faultlines in our mind...into the oneness.

As part of "GRAIN's" touring package, Nobuko also conducts workshops called"FINDING YOUR OWN VOICE" which gives students tools to develop their own way of telling their story. Nobuko creates a safe, sacred space for a hands-on workshop designed to help participants bring out their own stories. It consists of warm-up exercises using elements of dance, Yoga, Tai-Chi, theatre games and meditation, preparing the participant for 'no-fail' ways to approach and bring out their own tales.

This show has been successfully co-sponsored among various campus departments/clubs such as Women's Studies/Centers, Ethnic Studies/Centers, Asian Studies, Multicultural Offices, and the Asian American Student Union, just to name a few.

Currently booking National tours of this one woman show for 1997-1998. For more information or to request a video clip and an information packet, please call Shirley at 310/264-6696 or email the following information to

Potential dates
Postal address with city, state and zip
Affiliation with sponsoring org.
Telephone number
Your email address

June 19-30 Highways Performance Space (w/Dan Kwong, in "Samurai Centerfielder Meets the Mad Kabuki Woman")

DENISE UYEHARA's one woman show

Now available to come to your theater or college venue
Web Site at

Uyehara Studio/Fearless Hair Theater Productions
(310) 829-3139
subject: "Book Uyehara"

Samurai Centerfielder Meets the Mad Kabuki Woman

Internationally touring performance artists Dan Kwong and Denise Uyehara join forces in a new hot collaboration on women, men, queer, straight, and everything in between!

Asian American Theater Company (SF)
Gravity Falls From Trees
by Sung Rno
June 1 to June 22, 1997
(Th. and Sat. at 8:30 pm, Sun. 2 and 7 pm)

Gravity Falls from Trees, by Sung J. Rno, a world premiere from the author of Cleveland Raining. A young Korean American woman obsessed with an unfinished novel, a guilty Korean pilot posing as a doctor, and a singing Isaac Newton encounter one another in a hospital waiting room. The room transforms into a cloud in the heavens, as they realize they are all strangely connected to a tragic incident-the downing of a Korean Air jet in Soviet airspace in 1983.

East West Players (LA)
A world premiere
Woman From the Other Side of the World
by Linda Faigao-Hall
June 5 to July 13, 1997

Single mother Emilya, a Pilipina-American living in New York, enlists the assistance of a nanny, or yaya, from the Philipines to care for her Americanized son. As the son searches for his cultural roots we discover that the yaya is a witch invading the son's dreams with mythical figures and warriors. The play is presented in partnership with the Pilipino folk arts organization Kayamanan Ng Lahi.

Asiantics (San Francisco)
Fairytales with a Slant:
Bedtime stories told the way your mother never told them

June 6 - 7, 13 - 14
Knuth Hall
SF State, 8 pm

Directed by Wilbur Obata, Victor Koga, Judy Yoko Hamaguchi. Call 739-2161 for more details. Or e-mail at

Theater Mu (Minneapolis)
New Eyes Festival
June 12 to 15, 1997

by Lee Blessing
July 2 to August 2, 1997

The Repertory Actors Workshop (React) is proud to raise the curtain on its production of Independence by Lee Blessing, presented non-traditionally with an Asian-American cast and directed by David Hsieh. Performance dates are July 2 - August 2, 1997; Fridays through Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm (with NO show on Friday, July 4th) and an additional performance on Thursday, July 3rd. A gala reception will follow the opening performance on Wednesday, July 2nd.

Ticket prices are $12 General Admission; $9 Students/Seniors /Military/Disabled; and $6 for Children and Theatre Artists. The shows on Sunday, July 6 and Sunday, July 13, ONLY will be special "pay-what-you-can" admission performances. All performances will be held at the wheelchair accessible and air-conditioned Theatre Off Jackson, located at 409 7th Ave South in Seattle's historic International District (Chinatown). For more information and ticket reservations, call (206) 364-3283.

Blending humor and telling insights, Independence is the powerful, disturbing study of a family divided against itself. Set in the small town of Independence, Iowa, the play centers around a mother and her three daughters, each struggling to free themselves from the binding emotional ties of their family and their past. Independence originally opened to critical and popular acclaim as part of the Humana Festival of New American Plays. ReAct's production of Independence features some of the Northwest's finest Asian American talent, including Caroline Liem, Lisa Marie Nakamura, Kathy Hsieh and Colleen Parker.

National Asian American Theatre Co.
Ah, Wilderness
by Eugene O'Neill
July 18 to August 6
Mint Theatre (W. 43rd St.)

The National Asian American Theatre Co. kicks off its seventh season with this presentation of Eugene O'Neill's only comedy. First to run under this season's theme of "The Culture of Wilderness," Wilderness features Ron Nahahara, Wai Ching Ho, Mel Gionson, Jennifer Kato, Evan Lai, Mayumi Rinas, Jo Yang, Roger Anthony, Andy Pang, Eleanor Lipat, Zak Barangan and Ralph Pena. For tickets, call 212/505-3003/

18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
18 Mighty Mountain Warriors's Journey to the West
July 10 to 19, 8:30 pm
Knuth Hall, SF State
1600 Holloway, San Francisco, CA

Hide your dogs and break out the blenders, because the Warriors are back! Fresh from a soldout comedy collaboration with Culture Clash and the Latina Theater Lab, the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, the Bay Area's only Asian American Skit Comedy Group, presents it's second all new material production for 1997. In a collection of comedic vignettes, the Warriors take a wry look at the Asian experience in America. "When we finished writing material for this production," said writer Michael Premsrirat, "we noticed a common thread dealing with contemporary Asian America, from political, social, and pop cultural perspectives. This looked suspiciouly like a theme to us, so we tied it all together with a masterful allegorical framework alluding to the classic Chinese novel, 'The Journey to the West. "'

How does the classic story of the trickster Monkey King, his master Tripitaka, and his pig and cannibal companions tie into a comedy show? "Very easily," says writer Rania Ho, "because we wrote it. Just figure, the Monkey King story was about his journey to the west to retrieve sacred scriptures. We asked what if Monkey went even FARTHER west, way, way out west. Way, way,way, way, WAY out west. What would he find and how would he be transformed?"

Among the things Monkey might see in today's America according to the Warrior's skits are anti-Asian violence at Denny's, the Tamagochi toy craze, struggling Asian actors, multi-racial ambiguity, and Asian fetishism. But all seen through the comedic eyes of the Warriors and in their trademark irreverent wildly wacky style.

"The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors' Journey to the West" will play Thursday through Saturday at 8:30pm, July 10-19. There will be a preview on Wednesday, July 9, 8:30pm. The Warriors perform at Knuth Hall (enter on Holloway between 19th ave. and Font, at building marked "Creative Arts") at San Francisco State University.

Tickets are $8 general, $6 students/seniors/groups or 10. $6 for everyone on Thursday July 17. On opening night, Thursday July 10, the Warriors will PAY THE AUDIENCE $1 to watch the show! The audience pays NOTHING! The preview is $3. For more information call (415) 522-8752. Or write P.O. Box 590356, San Francisco, CA.

E-mail? Try or

River Stage and Asian Pacific Theatre Company (Sacramento)
by David Henry Hwang
July 10 to 27, 1997

My, is this piece getting around this year....and we haven't even gotten to its 20th anniversary yet....

Ma-Yi Theatre
A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino
by Nick Joaquin
July 26 to August 13
Dimson Theatre, NYC

Ma-Yi Theatre opens its Ninth Season with Nick Joaquin's A Portrait Of The Artist As Filipino. Originally written in English in 1952, Portrait is widely considered to be the chef d'ouevre of Philippine Dramatic Literature.

Ma-Yi Theatre breathes new life to this classic as part of its contribution to the celebration of 100 years of Philippine Independence (1898 - 1998).

Set in Manila just before the outbreak of World War II, Portrait tells the story of two spinster sisters caught in the stormy march of history, valiantly trying to preserve the last fragments of a lost generation. Ma-Yi Theatre's own adaptation of the play delves deeper to expose the battered pysche of a nation thrice colonized, and takes the audience to ground zero where the opposing forces of East and West continue their battle to define what is Filipino.

Ma-Yi Theatre's production of Portrait opens at the Vineyard's Dimson Theatre on 108 15th Street, New York, NY. Playdates are from July 26 through August 16, Tuesdays through Saturdays at 7:00 PM, with matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $15.00. For reservations, please call (212) 353-3366.

Icicle Productions
Along for the Ride
by Isaac Ho
August 7-9; 14-16, 1997 (8 pm)
EXIT Stage Left (156 Eddy St., SF)
(415) 773-9991

In the beginning there was chaos and God said, 'Let there be light!' and there was light. Unfortunately, there was still chaos.

With those words, a new chapter in Asian American theater has begun.

San Francisco based playwright Isaac Ho has combined his theatrical experience with some of the fantastical elements of science fiction to create Along for the Ride, a modern story about two couples caught between the flux of a changing society and the demise of their own aspirations.

Along for the Ride is a fiscally sponsored project of Intersection for the Arts. Additional support is being provided by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Mr. Ho was recently awarded the AT&T/Asian American Arts Foundation Theatre Grant for Along for the Ride.

High school, college, get a good job, meet the right person, settle down. For many of the countless people who have uttered this mantra, life has met their expectations. But for Vance, Jodi, Paul and Cassie, true happiness has proven elusive. Now that their ambitions have played out, they must reinvent themselves in order to find new directions for their lives. They must scour their collapsing relationships for anything that can provide a renewed sense of identity.

Change does not come easily for this group of friends and when a mysterious stranger appears, can they adapt to the hidden secrets she brings with her?

"American drama has a fascination with exploring the past. At this time of great scientific achievement our understanding of the universe is undergoing a great metamorphosis. However, we also need the dreamers and the visionaries to explore the nature and context of our own existence as it forced into a metamorphosis of its own. Even the greatest scientific minds cannot begin to calculate the impact and meaning of all these discoveries. Taking into consideration these monumental achievements, I wanted to tell a simple story about people, not just from the point of view of a citizen of the United States, or even as a citizen of the world, but as a citizen of the universe," says Isaac Ho.

The style of humor in Along for the Ride is a departure from the conceptual wackiness Mr. Ho displayed during his tenure as a writer and performer with the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, a San Francisco based Asian American sketch comedy group. He has refined his sharp, biting sense of satire and expanded it to encompass larger issues. "In our daily lives, we have to be so many different things to so many different people. When the world around us changes faster than we can adapt, how do we keep those different aspects of our personality from colliding?" Mr. Ho is also very quick to add, "What happens when we can't?"

The cast for Along for the Ride includes Kellie Gan, Nikki Hikari, Kana Koinuma and Samuel Sheng. Set design is by Lina Hoshino and Sound design is by Paul Haettenschwiller. Michael Sasaki, a noted Bay Area musician and former member of the rock band, Cold Blood, will compose original music. Douglas Hirai will be the production's guitarist.

Along for the Ride will be performed August 7-9 and 14-16, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00 pm at EXIT Stage Left, 156 Eddy Street (between Taylor and Mason), San Francisco. General Admission is $10.

Admission for the Thursday, August 7 performance of Along for the Ride is free. However, because seating is limited, reservations are strongly encouraged.

For reservations or more information, please call (415) 773-9991 or visit

Teatro ng Tanan (SF)
Back to Back/Kabilaan '97
August 7-10, 14-17
Yugen/Noh Space
2840 Mariposa Street, SF

Teatro ng Tanan's Back to Back/ Kabilaan '97 has been extended! This successful one-act festival which delighted audience at the Theater Rhinoceros last May will be staged once again for a two week run at the Yugen/Noh Space. The festival will include two one-act plays featuring the works of up and coming Filipino American artists.

Knight of the Broken, written by New York performance artist Gary San Angel and directed by Agelio Batle, tells the story of a frightened young boy who comes of age with the help of the his grandmother's storytelling. Mr. and Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing by Los Angeles native Noel Alumit, directed by Allan Manalo, is a bittersweet narrative about an older Filipino couple and their only son.

In its seventh season, Teatro ng Tanan remains the Bay Area's only community based Filipino American theater and cultural arts organization. The mission of Teatro ng Tanan is to promote a greater understanding of the Filipino community, its arts and its contributions to the cultural diversity of the United States.

Performances of Back to Back/Kabilaan '97 will be held on August 7-10 and August 14-17, at the Yugen/Noh Space located at 2840 Mariposa Street, in San Francisco. Evening performances from Thursday thru Sunday will begin at 8:00pm. There will also be two Sunday matinees at 3:00pm. Tickets are $10 general admission for evening shows and $8 for matinees. There will be a $2 discount for advanced ticket purchase, students, seniors and low-income individuals. For advanced ticket purchase please call the Teatro ng Tanan office at (415) 974-1384 or the Yugen/Noh Space Box Office at (415) 621-7978.

written and performed by Dan Bacalzo
New York City

Thurs: Aug. 14 8pm, Fri. Aug. 15 5:45pm
Sat. Aug. 16 Noon & 4:15pm, Sun. Aug. 17 7:30pm
Tues. Aug. 19 6pm
Thurs. Aug. 21 5:45pm, Sat. Aug. 23 10pm
University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street Tickets: $11.00

FRINGE CENTRAL BOX OFFICE located at 158 Ludlow Street, NYC For tickets, call 1-888-FRINGENYC For other information, call 212-420-8877 (Tickets may be purchased in advance at Fringe Central. On the day of the performance, tickets are sold at University Settlement.)

I'M SORRY, BUT I DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE is a dance/theater piece written and performed by queer asian american performance artist, Dan Bacalzo. Culturally conditioned attitudes and simplistic stereotypes are exploded as it rips through social, personal and political issues. Through autobiographical stories delivered with humor, wit and passion, the performance confronts racism, AIDS, family relationships, pornography and desire. It combines storytelling techniques and movement, navigating its way through the intersections and gaps between Asian American and Queer identifications.

DAN BACALZO is a first generation Filipino-American, born in New York and reared in Kansas. I'M SORRY, BUT I DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE is his first full length solo piece (running time: 55 min). Living and working in New York City, he developed portions of this performance at Dixon Place, Holly Hughes's Performance Composition class, a Storytelling Workshop led by Cindv Brizzell and a Gay Men Performance Workshop with Tim Miller. Dan is a PhD student in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University and has performed his original material at a number of different venues, including the Asian American Writers Workshop, P.S. 122 Dixon Place, and the Rhode Island School of Design.


OPM (Seattle)
August 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
Brown Bag Theatre,
Seattle, WA

International Conference on the Performing Arts in Asia
August 20 - 23, 1997
Los Angeles, CA

For more information on this conference, try the web page.

TSISMIS (chiz miz)
a journey into the darker corners of Filipino American Culture I hear...

written by Kevin Camia, Patty Cachapero, and Allan Manalo
directed by Allan Manalo
Bindlestiff Studio
185 Sixth Street (at Howard), SF, CA
September 11 to 27, 1997

Coco Jam in association with Bindlestiff Productions present the Filipino American comedy group, Tongue In A Mood Theatre in their first theatrical event entitled TSISMIS (chiz miz), a collection of experimental sketches and satirical vignettes cutting into the dark corners of Filipino American culture. The cast features Kevin Camia, Patty Cachapero, and Allan Manalo,along with members of Teatro Ng Tanan. TSISMIS (chiz miz) runs Thursdays through Saturdays, September 11 through September 27, 1997 at 8:00 P.M. at Bindlestiff Studio, 185 Sixth Street (at Howard) in San Francisco. Ticket Prices are $10 General Admission $5 Students. For reservations or information, call 415.974.1167 or 415.431.8842 or email or

TONGUE IN A MOOD Theatre was originally established in 1992 by Filipino American comedians Allan Manalo, Kennedy Kabasares, Ron Muriera and Rex Navarette for the purpose of infiltrating the many commercialized "Filipino Fiestas" with satirical sketch comedy and to form a writing group for a television proiect. After a year, the group broke up, but was re-established lin 1996 by AlTan Manalo who brought in performers Patty Cachapero and Kevin Camia. Since then, they have performed for audiences in Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Santa Clara University, and of course, Tito Rey's restaurant in Daly City. TSISMIS (chiz miz) is their first theatrical show.

TICKETS: $10 General Admission, $5 Students
Available at the door (no credit cards please)
RESERVATIONS & phone: 415/974-1167

Iron Age Theatre (PA)
Sound of a Voice/House of Sleeping Beauteis
by David Henry Hwang
September 1997

Theater Mu (Minneapolis)
Taiko Performance
October 23 to 26
Lyndale Arts
Minneapolis, MN

Asian Pacific Theatre Company (Sacramento)
October 3 to 26, 1997
Broadway Playhouse
4010 El Camino
Carmichael, CA

Imerg Inc. and
Northwest Asian American Theatre (Seattle)
Exit the Dragon

by Eric Michael Zee
October 3 to November 2
Theatre Off Jackson, Seattle

Actress Ming-Na Wen (Joy Luck Club, Streetfighter, ER, Single Guy, Streetfighter), actor Eric Michael Zee (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) and the Northwest Asian American Theatre join forces to take the smash hit, three-man show, Exit the Dragon to the Pacific Northwest for 1997-98!

Exit the Dragon centers around three struggling actors coming to terms with themselves and their identity. It takes an insightful and often humorous look at the stereotypes, insecurities, and viewpoints facing young Asian-American men today, as well as problems and attitudes among the twenty-something generation.

The star-studded cast includes Eric Michael Zee (Peter Chow on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), who plays Dave Woo, a drama school graduate who is in denial of his heritage. Tuan Tran (featured in Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth) is Vien Vu, a Vietnamese Immigrant who idolizes Bruce Lee. And the third character, Jun-Li Chow, is a militantly pro-Asian womanizing law grad. Eddie Mui (an NWAAT alum),Pete Shindoka and Jimmy Taenaka will also be featured.

The LA Weekly says the show is "cleverly ironic-entertaining evening," and Dramalogue calls it"...a genuine ensemble effort that pleases its audience."

Information on this special Seattle run can be gotten at 206/340-1049!

But why let Seattle have all the fun? Your town or college can also book this show! Call:

October 29
University of Pennsylvania Asian Heritage Week

Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (NY)
Shanghai Lil's
Book & Lyrics by Lilah Kan
Music by Louis Stewart
October 14 to November 8, 1997

Back by popular demand! Shanghai Lil's returns to the New York stage, before it embarks on a tour to Philadelphia, San Francisco and El Paso!

Asian American Repertory Theatre (San Diego)
S.A.M. I Am
by Garrett Omata
October 24
Now extended to November 23!
The Sweetooth Theater
630 F St.
San Diego, CA Gaslamp District

"Omata makes his points - about cultural identity, dating by label, and pigeonholing - through humor..... under Rhys Greene's direction, the show grabbed the humor and ran with it....Excellent timing, an instinctive sense of the moment, and right emotional pitch: Andy Lowe is getting good! Strong support comes from Chad Sakamoto, Donna Maglalang and Fwamay Sullivan. And Angelo Oddo's Cameo as an Itallian Chef is a hoot."

-Jeff Smith San Diego Reader

"....Fwamay Sullivan as Jackie Shibata and Donna Maglalang as Betty Hamabata [have put] in the strongest performances. ....Sullivan and [Magalang] are adept at showing the foolishness and truthfulness of these stereotypes [portrayed by their characters]..."

-Devorah Knaff, San Diego Union Tribune

John Hamabata is a S.A.M. (Single Asian Male) looking for love and acceptance in the personage of Jackie Shibata,his cousin's half-Japanese roommate. Jackie, however, is looking for a S.W.M. (Single White Male). So what's a S.A.M. to do? Simple, John thinks, become exactly what Jackie wants...

AART opens it's third season with this comical romp through the world of relationships, the quest for love, the quest for community, and the personal ads.

AART's 9th production since its inception in 1995, and a recent hit of Asian American Theater, S.A.M. I Am has met wide success in its productions at the Asian American Theater Company (San Francisco),Asian Pacific Theater Company (Sacramento), Theater Mu (Minneapolis) as well as at its initial 1995 production at East-West Players in Los Angeles.

National Asian American Theatre Co. (NY)
Long's Day Journey Into Night
by Eugene O'Neill
November 1997

Imerg Inc.
Exit the Dragon
November 8, 9, University of Utah
November 21, University of Florida

Fresh from its engagement in Seattle, Exit the Dragon takes to the nation's colleges once again for this year's tours. Interested in booking this show? Call

Imerg, Inc.
505 South Beverly Drive
Suite 831
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The Public Theatre (NY)
Ballad of Yachiyo
By Philip Kan Gotanda
November 1997

Gotanda's latest work gets its New York premiere this fall, as Asian American playwrights maintain a highly visible presence in the Big Apple (and you can't get much bigger than the Public...).

ReAct (Seattle)
The Woolgatherer
by William Mastrosimone
Barefoot in the Park
by Neil Simon
November 5 to 23, 1997

Devoted to presenting theatre classics with non-traditional casts, ReAct returns with two standards presented with unique twists.

Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (NY)
Out of the Wheelchair and into the Fire
by Esther Goodhart and Stewart M. Shulman
November 12 - 15, 1997

"She's Korean. She's Jewish. She's a Comedian, wife, mother-slave. She's that wacky Oriental Beauty, Esther Goodhart."

Born in the heart of Texas to the Billy Graham of Korean ministers, Esther spent her formulative years battling her weight and attempting to find a human language that her parents could understand. Realizing she was Queen Esther in a past life, she is now more Jewish than her idol, Sammy Davis, Jr.

Seven performances only:
Wed. to Sat at 8 pm, Wed. & Sat. at 2 pm
School matinee on Thursday at 11:30 am

ASIANTICS (San Francisco)
TRACES (A showcase of new works in progress by Bay Area Asian Pacific Islander writers)
November 18, 1997, 8 pm
Theater of Yugen, 2480 Mariposa St., San Francisco

ASIANTICS presents: .

Premiere of three one-acts with different themes, time, places and sensibilities.
Writers: David Doko, Michael Premsrirat and Judy Yoko Hamaguchi

WHO: Producer/Director: Judy Yoko Hamaguchi

Cast: *Mitzie Abe, *Bonnie Akimoto, Feodor Chin, Rohoda Gravador, Samuel Sheng, Suz Takeda, Nancy Wong, Pearl Wong, Pete Wong
*Members of Actors' Equity Association

WHAT IS ASIANTICS: ASIANTICS is a Bay Area grass-roots group that formed nearly two years ago to bring together writers, designers, performers and directors and to provide a place to gather in the imaginative process. Our mission is to support, encourage, promote and present new work and to offer participants the opportunity to study their craft "on-their-feet". ASIANTICS strives to expand and develop a sense of connection to our communities and to bring people together trought the art of storytelling and reenactment.


Theater of Yugen Box Offfice 415/621 -0507;
Asiantics Voice Mail/Reservation 415/739-2161
Contact Person: Judy Yoko Hamaguchi (415) 387-9698
TIX INFO: $10/general; $8/students & seniors

Theater Mu (Minneapolis)
Hand Women, Men Swing:
The Hand that Holds the String
Porch Swing
November 13-30
Southern Theater, Minneapolis

Hand Women, Men Swing includes the World Premieres of two one act plays. The first is The Hand That Holds The String, a poignant look at the stories of four South Asian women as they ponder their lives as women growing up in India and now living in America. Theater Mu is extremely excited to have Ranee Ramaswamy as one of the four women. The second is Porch Swing in which Asian American males move to African American music as they tell their own stories of life on the front porch. The play has been co-created and co-directed by Sandy Agustin (one of Theater Mu's Core Group Members) and Jeffrey Bailey, an African American composer musician. The two plays are fascinating mirror images of male and female life.

Stir Friday Night (Chicago)
Digging to America
November 6 to December 6
National Pastime Theater, Chicago
Friday and Saturday Nights at 8:30 pm

Stir Friday Night, the Midwest's premier Asian American sketch comedy ensemble is proud to present its sixth original revue! Tickets are $12. For info and reservations, call 773-973-4533.

Photo by Jack Yau Photography

Intiman Theatre (Seattle)
staged reading
by Chay Yew
December 8

The final staged reading of Intiman's New Voices series, which leads to a full production in 1998.

Ubu Rep Theatre (NYC)
Asian Women Speak: Two One Acts
Details/Cannot/Body/Wants by Chin Woon Ping
I See My Bones by Kitty Chen
November 30 to December 21 1997

Details is a four part comedic performance piece written and performed by Chin Woon Ping that examines the role of Asian women in a society dominated by Western men. A chorus of four includes the renowned Peking Opera soloists Qi Shu Fang and Ding Mei Kui, as well as Cecilia Pang and Margaret Yuen. Direction is by Allen Kuharski.

I See My Bones is about a love that blooms between a Chinese man and a Caucasian woman in a home for the elderly.

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