Story of Japanese Schindler nominated for Oscar

VISAS AND VIRTUE has been nominated for an Academy Award for best short film!!!!!

Based on a play by Tim Toyama, written at the East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute, VISAS AND VIRTUE tells the story of the personal courage of the Japanese consul to Lithuania who wrote exit visas for the Jews during World War II, helping thousands of people escape the Nazi horrors. Even when his government decreed that he stop, Mr. Sugihara continued writing visas, placing his life and his future career in peril. The screenplay was adapted from Tim Toyama's play by Chris Tashima, who along with Chris Donahue, also produced the film for Cedar Grove Productions. VISAS AND VIRTUE has been winning awards at film festivals all over the country and has been screened at festivals in Prague, in Belgium, and in Spain. And now: an Academy Award nomination!

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